Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Personal Painting Triumph

Look at those glorious, dark(ish) reds.
Sunday was supposed to be a painting day, but that didn't work out so well.  Turns out letting those painting juices marinate an extra couple of days meant I finally sunk a harpoon into my painting white whale, the ever elusive darker red.  I always knew it was possible, had an approach tucked into my back pocket in case the opportunity arose, but until this afternoon I never quite managed to do red in anything other than my usual bright(ish) hue.  With a supreme effort I kept the Bloody Red on the sidelines, only calling its number for the final edge highlight.  If I feel triumphant in finally conquering this seemingly easy to produce feat it's only because I am.  Ding dong and whatnot.

Seriously, stare at those reds.  Magnificent.
As if this historic accomplishment was not sufficient, I also did some metals.  These still need finishing off, highlights for the silvers and washes/highlights for the bronzes, but what you don't see (because I didn't take a picture) is that I also got a silver base down on the AoBR squad.  Aside from finishing off said metals I have bone/grey/white, black, grenades (not sure on a color yet), and other details like pouches left on the DV squad.  And basing of course.  I'd like to get back to the table tomorrow and finish the squad off, but that's too optimistic to be serious.  Instead I'll say that I want to finish the DV squad this week and make some decent progress on the AoBR squad as well.

Because I can't stop myself from looking far down the road, the eternal question of What to Paint Next is rattling around again.  I should really do something Warmahordes as it's been a while for that system, but the 40k train is humming along at the moment and I'm not inclined to try and stop it.  I'd be best served by painting either Terminators or more Tacticals, as they see the most consistent table time, but what I really want to do is Ravenwing.

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