Sunday, October 24, 2010

Copy Paper Box, Remixed

I stayed up far too late last night finishing off my new photo implement, but it's finished(ish) now and is working well.  I thought my last post was about making the box, but looking back I see that it wasn't, so looks like I need to start earlier in the process than I anticipated and that I'll have less pictures than I thought.  Alas.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Might be a while...again

With personal drama rearing its unwelcome head over the weekend, hobby action is on hold until I can hold a brush steady.  In the meantime I have pictures from my last painting session. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tangible progress

After a dreary past few days I had an opportunity to prime my latest creation.  I used a technique I saw on the interwebs somewhere: taping the mini to a stick.  I wrapped some masking tape around the end of a paint stirrer and then stuck the marine to the tape.  The result was simple and effective.

Gravity is no match for ingenuity.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Quick hitter

Got in some hobby time last night.  I built a space marine for the first time in years which was a nice return to something familiar.  I used a bunch of pieces from the new Death Company box together with a generic marine chest.  I knew the new parts had plenty of detail from looking at the sprues, but I was further surprised when assembling the marine.  In particular, the chainsword arm that I used came off the sprue in a pose that I had created a couple times myself by cutting and repositioning.  I'm eager to use the power fist as well because it looks like it also has a dynamic pose, but I'm holding on to it for a bit while I regain my painting feet as it's destined to be part of a sergeant.  GW must have switched plastic formulas over the last 5+ years because the new pieces are a much darker grey than the parts I already had.  I'll take a pic or two when I get the base done.  I'm considering my options as I want to do something a bit more detailed than just glue and sand.  I had cut up some bits of sprue last night to use as rubble, but they didn't work out quite like I wanted, so when I dropped them on the carpet I didn't bother digging for them between the nap.  I'm still considering the bits of sprue approach as well as making a green stuff rock or two, using some orc bits, digging for some barrels/tank traps, or using some tyranid bits.  I know EV has some Death Guard, and Chaos would fit thematically, but I don't really want to put more marine parts on a marine base.  Maybe something generic to start with so I have time to ponder.