Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Might be a while...again

With personal drama rearing its unwelcome head over the weekend, hobby action is on hold until I can hold a brush steady.  In the meantime I have pictures from my last painting session. 

First, primed marine.
Grey. For now.
I tried out the Vallejo Game Color "foundation" paint, Heavy Red in their terminology, and it worked pretty well.  It was very light on the palette and when I brushed it on, but as it dried it darkened quite a bit.  It still had the slightly milky look that Vallejos seems to have, especially on the palette, and I thought I would have to repaint it with a darker red, but in the end I think it will work.  I was going to stop with the red, but I had more time than I expected, so I went ahead with the GW foundation yellow on the helmet as well.

A start.

Progress will come when it comes, but I do have a game plan in mind so I won't be floundering around when I get back to work. 

In other news I found a link to an article about making a cheap "light tent"/"soft box" from a 40k blog that I sadly don't remember at the moment and so can't credit.  I have most of the materials on hand and should be getting the rest today, so the next batch of pictures should look better than they do now.  I plan to take WIP shots as I paint, which will be the usual make-do pictures like the primed mini up top, but the more staged ones like the basecoated picture should improve.

In other other news, I made my way back to the Spartan site for the first time in a while and saw all the new US ships they have coming out.  The ID troop transport caught my eye, which should come as a big surprise to no one, and it looks like things are rolling along in general.  I'll be back to US after school is done, which is both very close and still distant, and it looks like when I return there will be plenty of new goodness waiting for me, which is nice.


  1. That assault marine is looking pretty good there. Can't wait to gun him down on the tabletop. (^_^)

    I still owe you a 1,200 point Uncharted Seas battle, which I intend to come through on as it would be a waste to have bought all those ships for nothing. I'm waiting to see what those new Shroud Mage ships do, and if they're the dedicated battering rams they seem to be they may rekindle my interest in the game.

    Sorry to hear about the drama, but hopefully it'll clear itself up quickly.

  2. I thought that new SM ship was a mortar at first, but when I looked closer it does look like it's just a big ram. I have all the materials for the box now, and I plan on testing it out on my ID ships, so US is bubbling back to the surface. You seemed pretty frustrated with the game after you played the Bone Griffons, so I figured I'd give you a good while to consider before proposing that big game. Looks like the time is drawing near.

    Drama is over on my end and all parties will be fully informed this weekend. Should be fun. Hopefully I'm back to my hobbies soon.

  3. man, i thought about exactly how bad my first marines are painted when i saw this(by comparison, your marine already looks twice as good, and he's still very WIP haha). black templars, spraypaint black, shoulders white(no gray undercoat, no thin multiple layers to get it smooth, just WHITE) and slap boltgun metal liberally all over them where needed(i painted them when i was 13-14, soooooooo 10 years ago?). you should pop over to the forum when you get a chance, SG *may* have a new game they just blindsided everbody with on wednesday. good luck with the marines! i wish i could get back into 40k(playing other games for the past 9 months has soured me to them too much), but i think the only time i'll play anymore is when my buddy who's a lieutenant in the army now begs me to play, he just got into wargaming a year ago, and like so many of us, GW was his gateway drug. whatever is said of the rules though, they always make great models and you'll do good with them, that marine is off t oa good start. keep with it and finish out strong man.

  4. The first couple miniatures I painted were probably Reapers or some other generic fantasy mini producer. I may still have one or two of them now that I think about it. Either way, the first GW stuff I painted was an ancient box of terminators that I defiled with Testors enamels (I built model planes at the time). Those terminators have been stripped and repainted a couple times by now, but I wish I had kept one as it was. Red enamel caked on everywhere, the non-crux shoulder pad split red/black, all the metallic parts simply unpainted. It was horrific, but you have to start somewhere. I've progressed very slowly in the many years since then, and still have a long way to go, but now I can at least produce something that looks decent from 5 feet away when you squint.

    I've been trolling the SG boards lightly over the past week or two, but with my computer giving me troubles again connectivity is limited at best. I've seen some of the Firestorm: Invasion stuff and it doesn't really suit my sense of style, but there's plenty of models yet to be unveiled.

    GW really is a gateway for minis, and to be honest they're a fine place to start. Sure their models are expensive, but they're so pretty. The system isn't the best, and I'm really looking at the books as the place they gouge you now, but you could use a different system if you wanted to, or bypass the actual game entirely. The key is just drawing people in, however you do it, and GW has a good handle on how to suck people in. With personal drama finished off I hope to be back behind the brush again soon. I've had the itch for the last couple days, so progress won't be far off. I also started the soft box, so the next batch of pictures should be nice.