Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tangible progress

After a dreary past few days I had an opportunity to prime my latest creation.  I used a technique I saw on the interwebs somewhere: taping the mini to a stick.  I wrapped some masking tape around the end of a paint stirrer and then stuck the marine to the tape.  The result was simple and effective.

Gravity is no match for ingenuity.

Priming was nice and easy.  I usually prime infantry in stages: standing, laying on the back, laying on the front.  The result is mostly satisfactory but time consuming.  I did this marine in one go and covered at least as well, and probably better, than the old way.  We may have a paradigm shift here.

As for the mini itself, it's a standard footslogging assault marine. 

I even drilled out the bolter muzzle.

The DC bits are so detailed I wonder how this lone marine will look amidst a squad of standard troopers.  I'd love to be painting right now, but there are many things to do and little time to do them.  I wouldn't even be blogging if I couldn't multitask it in, but fortunately I can.  Hopefully things loosen up over the weekend and I'll have a chance to try out the new Vallejo Game Colors.


  1. He's looking good, and he'll look even better once he's primed. The primer helps adhere the ballast to the base, and if using Elmer's Glue-All isn't working for you, opt for the neuclear option- superglue! That'll make those little bastards stay in place.

    Good luck with the painting, and hope to face your freshly painted army soon.

    ...That reminds me- my other Land Raider isn't done being painted yet!

  2. The primer helped some, but the ballast still comes off with alarming ease. Hopefully a (further) coat of paint or two will do the job. Maybe I'll try another layer of glue on top of the ballast next time.

    With my glacial pace, a game of 40k is on the distant horizon. However, with this Monday being Columbus day and causing some shifting of school schedules as a result, Monday or Tuesday morning looks good for Warmachine.