Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More of You Know What

Stuff that got painted.  
I find it amusing that I'm now writing my seventh consecutive post for a game I have yet to play.  It's what passes for news around here though so I'm gonna stick with it.  I had a very nice and relaxing Labor Day loooooong weekend which contained a bit of painting but not too much.  Still haven't made my way back to the idealized painting production line, but at least I'm crossing things off.  Once I get into the Spearmen in earnest the wheels should roll along with nary a bump.

Has a bit of fervor in the face.
Part of the reason for not painting this weekend was to finish reading the WFB rules and to work up some army lists.  It's good to know the rules, but mostly I wanted to be able to (finally) make informed list building decisions so I could start working towards concrete goals instead of guessing at what I'll be fielding.  To that end I put the wizard aside, for now, to focus on things that will appear in my (current) 800 point list.  Putting that list together was more challenging than I anticipated as I was trying to make a list that would be good experience for later, larger armies, which meant trying to balance unit diversity and staying power.  It's possible that I'll change things between now and whenever the action commences, but there's a 100% chance that any army is going to feature at least one Warrior Priest, so I turned my attention to that model.  There wasn't much to do as the model was mostly painted when I picked it back up, but I did spend some extra time on the face and indulging in highlighting a model for the first time in forever.  Armament has been a big question mark every time I look at WFB, and will only be resolved when I get a couple games in, but for now it's not really a priority as the model I have is armed the way it is and there's no changing it.  Considering how many Warrior Priests are armed with Great Weapons I assume it's a decent choice.  Or else it's the worst possible choice.  Time will tell.

Close to the finish line.
Knights are a 99% choice (I can conceive of an entirely infantry army, even if it's unlikely), so they moved up the queue as well.  Since Reiksguard are mostly silver (with red and white accents) I thought this would be a good time to work on shading and highlighting metals, which has never yielded the results I wanted.  I'm pressing on though, determined to figure it out.  The horses are finished except for a final armor highlight, hoof hair (forelocks?), and hooves.  I did the eyes black because I thought horse eyes were entirely black, but they look creepy now so I'll have to do some research.  I can figure out what a hoof looks like at the same time as I have no good idea currently.  I'd paint them in the same manner as all other claws/teeth, but that doesn't feel right.  Then again I went with black eyes so my knowledge of horses isn't foolproof.

Quite the find.
As a final tidbit, while I was flush with birthday cash over the weekend I decided to make some impulsive and foolish purchase.  I can't just go to the local GW for that, mostly because I could take the 20 minute drive out to Huzzah and get my "impulsive" buy at 10% off.  I didn't have any one thing in particular in mind, but I did have a general idea of things I would like.  A big ol' wizard wagon, or a priest wagon, or a steam tank, or even some chicken knights.  When I got to Huzzah I found nothing for Empire.  Nothing at all, not just nothing I had in mind.  I was surprised by this, but not as surprised as when I pulled out a sealed Marauder(!) Imperial Pegasus.  There were small concerns that this was a cunningly disguised used model, but when I opened up the box I found it was pristine.  How I found a 20 year old, never before opened model on the shelf of a store that has a relatively small and frequently rotated stock I'll never figure out.  I'm not going to worry about how it happened, I'll be content with this crazy find and glad that I don't have to kitbash a pegasus rider (assuming it turns out I want to run one).

In non-picture news I also got a pot of P3 Coal Black despite having sworn off paint pots a while ago.  I also prepped a test Halberdier with my normal basing approach to see if it will work instead of just assuming it won't.

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