Friday, October 4, 2013

More Randomness

A whole posse of gatormans.  
If I've learned just one thing about creating things it's to go with what feels right.  While I should be working on Empire or Infinity I felt like putting together gators today.  By going with what felt right I got a unit (plus a solo) assembled that had been sitting in a box for far too long.  The alternative was to tell myself I should be doing something else, dicker around with the phone/tv/whatever, and make little to no hobby progress on anything.  I think I made the right call.  Now if I can roll into assembling the lingering Hex Hunters I can try out the Bethayne ideas that made me order these things in the first place.

Deep, naked thoughts.
Following up on eVayl, I played a second game with her on Wednesday.  This one went better for me, though it was as much due to my opponent (plus dice) as much as my own play.  I'm noticing a couple things with her thus far.  First is that the triple Obliteration feat turn isn't as effective as you might think.  Three POW 15s looks great on paper, but the reality is less impressive.  I've also tried boosting the preceding Icy Grip to make sure it lands which takes the triple Oblit off the table, but it does replace it with two boosted Oblits, plus a potential transfer if things go horribly awry.  Second, I'm not using Refuge as well as I could.  It's a potent tool that I haven't found a good situation for yet, but whether that is simple game situations or me not forcing those situations is unclear.  Not having a Shredder in the list means I don't have the fuzzy safety blanket that is Tenacity, at least to start the game, so I'm reluctant to throw my Angels way out front where they could get the most use out of Refuge.  I imagine this will get better with more practice.  The final area of concern is how to best use the Legionnaires.  They die quickly, which I expect, but they don't do much work before dying beyond just catching bullets.  I think much of the problem is not playing conservatively enough, which is part of the Refuge problem, but in my defense it's not like I'm running the Legionnaires way out in front of the rest of my army.  At SPD 5 it's not like they can outpace anything anyway.  They have generated at least one lesser from the pot, so they're doing at least that much, but I feel like they could do a lot more.  I can find an answer to all of these issues is easily enough by watching some JVM games, but where's the fun in that?  I'll flounder around for a bit and see what I come up with on my own.  For next time I may let the Angels range a bit further ahead as I'm not really using the extra SPD from the tier list for anything while having the Legionnaires screen the pot, Ravagores, and Vayl instead of trying to cover the whole army.  I'll potentially have the problem of the Angels being too far away to hit with Refuge/Admonition, but I could keep the Harrier in a central position so it can deploy as an arc node when needed.

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