Sunday, November 17, 2013

Baby Stepping

Incremental advancement.
My grand plans for weekend painting pulled their usual disappearing act, but I did manage to get a little work in.  Considering how little painting I've done over the past couple weeks I'll take whatever I can get.  Last time I didn't quite finish the first layer of red so I remedied that first thing.  Next I did all the non-feather whites, then I finished up by putting down a green foundation on the laurels.  Not much overall, but every little bit.  Still outstanding are the feathers, standard, horn banner, green bits, and any forgotten details or cleanup.  The finish line is in sight.  Best of all, I stuck a rider on a horse to compare armor and found they match up just fine.

A fine match.
Foodmachine was yesterday and a good time despite the small turnout.  We had four players (including the PG running the event), which is a shame as it's an entertaing event that doubles as a good cause.  The silver lining is that the epic prize support ($200+) didn't get split many ways and everyone that came to play, or just to donate, got something for their efforts.

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