Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Future list idea, still no pictures

I want to switch my list up a bit to include more infantry and be less jack reliant. Unfortunately I'm using all the infantry I have except for a unit of Winter Guard Infantry. I was initially underwhelmed by the unit, but after having read around some I'm itching to give them a shot. The only issue is I want to field them with the UA and Kovnik Joe, and perhaps some Rocketeers too. I don't have any of those parts, so I haven't made a list with them yet. I decided to fiddle with Forward Kommander a bit and see what I could come up with. I found that I have most of the makings for a pSorscha tier list, so I figured one up to see what I'd need for it and this is what I came up with.

pSorscha + 5
Kodiak - 8
Destroyer - 9
Wardog - 1
Min Battle Mechanics - 2 *
Widowmakers - 4
Full Winter Guard Infantry - 6
Winter Guard UA - 2
2 Rocketeers - 2 *
2 Winter Guard Mortars - 6
Kovnik Joe - free for tier 2 *

This list gets me to tier 2 and thus a free Kovnik Joe. I'm torn on the last point between what I have now and maxing out either the Rocketeers to 3 or the Battle Mechanics. That will be a decision to come though, as I'll have to get 5 blisters to do this list as it is (the starred entries) and I want to get Strakhov as well. I plan to chip away at it over the coming month or so, especially as I still have plenty of stuff to be painted as it is. I'll also need to order a scope for a Mortar spotter since I'll be running a pair. Or maybe just the one plus a Widowmaker Marksman and either another Rocketeer or full Mechanics. But that option would need more new models still. The UA and Kovnik Joe (and Strakhov) are at the top of the list in any case.

Got a bit of painting done today, but nowhere near what I wanted to. I made some progress on the Widowmakers and have a Mortar unit at about 35%. The wardog is still waiting to be glued together and based. Broke out the camera again today to try out macro mode, but it still wouldn't focus on a mini. I'd rather wait on photos than put up a bunch of blurry ones, so that's on the future list as well.

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