Saturday, April 3, 2010

New additions, new processes

I had ordered some deck protectors from my FLGS a week ago that came in yesterday. Of course I couldn't make a trip there without browsing. I ended up with the aforementioned card sleeves, Kovnik Joe and a Winter Guard UA. I would have also left with a Blood Angels codex (you never get over your first love) but they were sold out. My resolve held when confronted with pButcher, pIrusk, Rocketeers and the Koldun Lord, so in total it was a good trip. If I can get them assembled and primed before my next game I may try out the Winter Guard. I've made a pact with myself to not field bare metal models, so priming is the least I can do and still use them. I've also decided to get all my models base coated so they look halfway decent on the table and to then go back and do details. I figure having a full army base coated is going to look better than having two jacks and a few troopers fully detailed while the rest are solid black or grey.

This entry is part of my program to avoid finishing a paper that is due in approximately eight hours. The rest of the program includes reading random blogs and basing my wardog. I assembled the little guy last night and it went together much easier than anticipated. I just glued the pin in place instead of reinforcing it with green stuff, then ran glue around the hollow edges where contact was made. Finally I plugged and smoothed the gaps with more green stuff. Hopefully I didn't already make an entry about pinning the dog to the base, but if I did I'm doing it again. The tab on the wardog is very small, barely as long as the paw that it rests on. With the whole model resting on this single, small point of contact with the base I wanted to pin it in place, but the paw is small enough that I didn't want to try and pin the paw itself. So I ended up drilling a hole in the tab, then cutting a notch in the slot portion of the base to allow the pin to be longer than the tab is wide. This both locked the model in place in the slot and kept it from coming off the base. I glued the tab and pin in place, then came back and crammed green stuff into the assembly after it had dried. I filled the whole slot and most of the underside while I was at it because I can never cut just the sliver of green stuff I need, I always end up with a ton. I'm very pleased with the solution I came up with. It feels solid now and I expect it to improve a bit as the green stuff cures into its ultimate hardness.

The basing of the dog involved using a different material than I have been. I have a little container of sand I got from a local volleyball court many years ago that I use for basing. In my last game with HMcT (who tells me he's also starting a blog, hopefully with a more user-friendly name) I mentioned that just using Elmer's glue wasn't quite cutting it and I was worried that the sand was going to rub off, especially on the models that were already primed since they didn't have the primer to really lock the sand into place. He recommended model railroad ballast, which I'll look into in more detail later, and also gave me a little tub of GW slate from one of their basing kits. I used this slate on the wardog just a few minutes ago and it's a noticeably different texture than the sand, a larger grit. I'm not sure how this will end up looking or if the slate will stick better than the sand did. If it works out I may use both, with the sand being the base and patches of the gravel for a different texture. I also intend to have snow on the bases as well, because what's a Khadoran base without snow? All that is in the future though, and in the present is a paper which I should really stop dodging. Fingers are still crossed to have pictures in the near future.

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