Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where all paper progress stops

I saw it coming, but as usual was powerless to stop it. All work on my papers has halted now that I've figured out how to work the camera. More pics incoming, starting with some Sorscha.

A little clearer picture from the front, this time with the flash on. Two from the back now. The first one is without the flash as I think it shows the pre-blending blocking better, while the second is with the flash and just looks better in general to my eye.

Another Manhuntress, this time a little nicer looking than the last.

Some jacks now, Destroyer and Juggy. The Destroyer has been my best performing jack so far, so it's gotten a bit more love than the Juggy.

This is an admittedly horrible photo, but it gives a sense of the theme I'm going with for the army, the Fifth Border Legion. I liked the look of the Kodiak when doing my initial research, so I decided to go with that scheme for my whole army to set it apart from the hordes of red Khador. Little did I know, though I should have suspected, that the Fifth Border Legion would be a popular alternative to the basic red.

In progress Widowmakers with a bare metal and still to be green stuffed Marksman.

Here's a detail shot of the underpinning I used on the Wardog, Koldun and Marksman. With the tiny foot tabs, some way of holding the model to the base is required and I think this is a nifty solution. I may try just running a pin from the foot through the base later, but this way provides both horizontal and vertical support, as opposed to only vertical if I were to pin through the foot.

A very in progress shot of Winter Guard Infantry. This unit will ultimately grow by another two models when I get some more Rocketeers, though I'll wait on that until I actually try them out on the table. I had initially discounted the WGI as cannon fodder, but having read more about them I see they can be a potent unit, capable of dealing with any situation. As such, I've started building lists around them. They're fairly expensive at 13 points when fully kitted out, meaning UA, 3 Rocketeers and Kovnik Joe. I'm mitigating that somewhat by only having the one Rocketeer, but 11 points is still a heavy jack and a jack marshal. I'm very curious to see how they perform, and hopefully I'll find out on Thursday. This is a good visual mark of how much work I have to do to get them to my self-imposed standard of only using primed models. Though it isn't super clear, the Rocketeer still needs to be based and green stuffed, while the standard bearer also needs green stuffing.

The Wardog. I really like this little guy, mostly because it reminds me of a friend's dog. As noted before I'm planning to paint it up like said dog, though that's obviously a ways away still. I think I'm going to change the armor scheme a little bit, making the headguard red and the chestguard green. When I take some better steps towards painting the dog up I'll post a picture of my real-life model for comparison.

The mortar. I've mostly decided to use the spotter as a test model, both for final color selection and techniques. Blending hasn't begun anywhere yet, but the spotter will be my initial subject.

A shot of the full army I'll probably use on Thursday. This is again a helpful visual on how much I need to get done before Thursday to meet my requirements. It's raining today, so no priming just yet, though maybe it will have stopped by the time I get off work. Papers still loom though, so that may not be enough even. I've certainly wasted enough time photographing and blogging as it is.

An alternate option for Thursday and the future, replacing the Ternion with a Widowmaker Marksman and a Koldun Lord. The Greylords have worked well for me so far, but I think the Koldun will be good for the Destroyer and the Marksman will be a beast on his own while also letting the Widowmakers shift around with his special rule (Swift Hunter I think).

Hopefully that's all for now, I really need to do some school-related writing. Still, it's good to get some pictures up after being thwarted by the camera for a couple weeks.

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