Thursday, April 8, 2010

New arrivals, future intentions

I've been working up lists lately as I get a better handle on what units do, at least in theory. Double checking my collection, I found I had 8 Winter Guard Infantry and 10 like I'd thought. Naturally this prompted a trip to my FLGS, which is conveniently and unfortunately located in the same shopping center as the store I work at. They were still sold out of the Blood Angels codex, but they had a blister of WGI that I picked up along with the single Rocketeer they had. Though I'd intended to at least get the last batch of purchases assembled, green stuffed and based, and hopefully primed too, before getting anything else, but that didn't quite work. I rationalize it by telling myself that the WGI I had were in limbo: too many models for a minimum unit, but too few for a maximum unit.

Regardless of how they all arrived, the new Winter Guard models are all assembled now (though the Rocketeer's rocket is as yet unglued). I have 2 bits of drilling and pinning to do, then green stuff and basing can follow. Of course priming is simple after those steps are done, so really I just have to pin and green stuff this batch of minis and they'll be ready to go. The list I would run if those models were done and I were playing right now is as follows.

pSorscha + 5
Destroyer - 9
Kodiak - 8
Wardog - 1
Greylord Ternion - 4
Widowmakers - 4
Full WGI - 6
WGI UA - 2
Rocketeer - 1
Mortar - 3
Kovnik Joe - 2

This doesn't fit into the pSorscha tier, but I like the Ternions so far and I want to use the Wardog, so some compromises had to be made. I've been pondering adding a Koldun Lord in to give the Destroyer a focus point without actually marshaling it. I've also been considering the Widowmaker Marksman and the WG Rifle Corps, which will probably lead to an eSorscha list eventually. I'm going to make a better effort at holding off on new stuff until I get what I have now ready to go, but realistically I'm still on the trail of the BA codex and I need to get a deck box for my army cards now that I have sleeves for them, so another trip to the FLGS is going to happen. I'm hoping to not get anything until the codex comes in, then make one fell swoop of said codex, Koldun Lord, Marksman, deck box and (if they have him) Strakhox, then put the brakes on until I get everything put together, primed and at least somewhat painted.

I had intended to keep going about ideas for what I want to add in the future and what kind of lists I want to try, as well as a bit about Hordes, but I should really just get to modeling, so I'm gonna get on that instead.

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