Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good news, bad news

Good news first: I've joined the 21st century and am posting from my new iPhone. The tiny keyboard is a bit of a pain, but it's nice to have the capability. The bad news is that between the phone and the newly constructed computer I've spent an awful lot of money lately. This is a sort of blessing in disguise though as I can put the hard clamps on hobby purchases until I make some good progress. A pair of lists, first projects that are on hold while my wallet recovers.

Blood Angels expansions
Ork expansions
Pretty much any additions to any GW armies
New systems, not that any were on the horizon

And a much shorter list of things that might still get funding:

New Khador bits, especially Harkevich, Black Ivan, and Torch
Trollbloods, once I get the starter box finished

While the lists split neatly between GW and PP, this is a coincidence. I will admit to a recent resurgence of PP interest though. EV and I will be throwing down tomorrow so we'll see what that does in terms of interest. I've already made a half dozen lists with iBodger so the ideas are flowing, though I think I'll be returning to a previous theme. No links or pics this time as posting from the phone is already tedious.


  1. I will say that on the retailer front PP has been edging out GW slowly but surely, month by month, in our Fredericksburg area. I hope its part of a larger trend because PP staff supports retailers better than GW, clues us into events sooner, and doesn't sue our customers. Funny that.

  2. The internets are full of love for PP, so I won't add much to that clamor. The thing that really impresses me is all the leagues PP runs. GW has done similar things in the past, but they've been a one and done deal, whereas PP seems committed to running multiple leagues per year and puts more effort in them than GW ever did. Having certain models work differently during the season? Never seen GW do anything like that, and I find it hard to believe they ever will.

    At the end of the day GW is still the top dog and it's much easier for the little guy to take potshots and make a splash in certain areas than for the champion to keep hitting home runs. Time will tell how all this plays out, but I have to believe that eventually the Snyderesque business plan of GW will take its toll and someone, whether PP or another upstart, will knock them off the podium.