Friday, July 22, 2011

Painting progress?

First iPhone pictures could be better.
In a fit of inspiration today I put some paint on some models.  Because switching projects halfway is the best method to finish anything, I got started on some Winter Guard Infantry.  I'm doing a 5th Border Legion scheme which means lots of drab green.  I wanted to take a different approach with this group, making the highlights sharper.  My own complaining has gotten to me, so instead of doing another set of subtle highlights that disappear into the model I'm going with a bright, bright approach.  I started with a Vallejo Model Color paint, Russian uniform green or somesuch.  With this new approach in mind, I then used another Model Color, Camo Green I believe, and painted in some shading.  I like the idea of painting in shading instead of layering up from the darkest color as it's quicker, but the results leave something to be desired.  Practice will certainly help, and I'm aiming for a tabletop standard in an attempt to get them finished so I'll accept them as a learning project.  A Sepia wash was next, then another layer of the Russian green.  Then the Game Color came out, Bonewhite (bleached bone), about 50/50 with the green for a first highlight.  The final highlight was another 50/50 mix of more Bonewhite into the existing green.

The Good.
The Bad.
The Ugly.

The results are a mixed bag.  Some look decent enough, like the fellow on the left.  Others are rougher, while some just look funny.  A green wash or glaze seems like a pretty good idea to knock the highlights down a bit, but since that's going against the spirit of making my highlights sharper so they stand out more I'm going to sleep on it.  I also laid down a base coat on the armor.  This is going to be a motely bunch as most are primed black, but there are a few greys too.  Some already had a base of green and a much brighter red, while the rest were straight primer.  They're a diverse bunch of minis, much like the Orks are when I actually paint them, so hopefully I can make them all look like a coherent unit despite their various origins.

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