Friday, May 25, 2012

Painting on the go, living the dream

Bad lighting?  No problem. 
This past Thursday we had a painting night at the FLGS.  While the participation rate was dramatically less than I anticipated that didn't stop me from getting some good work in.  You may recall eLylyth in a basic state from a while back.  Fast-forward to now and she's (probably) done after a rather casual night of painting.  I'm not entirely happy with the bow, and the armor as a whole could use a highlight to knock some of the blue down, but I'm pleased for two reasons.  1 - another model (close enough to) done.  2 - painting time was low and the results are still decent.  Considering I did all the actual work (anything after the initial basecoat and wash) at the FLGS with new/sub-prime lighting in a not entirely comfortable position while engaging in the usual gaming night gabbery, I think the results are fairly remarkable.

As an interlude, while perusing the PP forums I found a link to their Level 7 a totally legitimate site, which is full of throwback design and "Remember when all the websites looked like this?" nostalgia.  In the dusty corners of the long long ago, I might have been guilty of neon green borders on a black background.  Not that I'll ever admit to it now.

Perhaps you heard my cries of joy at this?
Final tidbit: the usual Tuesday session with EV got moved to today in deference to the usual scheduling gremlins.  40k was the game, Blood Angels (shocker) vs Space Wolves.  At breakfast this morning I was contemplating a bit of a departure from a cloud of jumpers to at least a partial mech list so I could run my Vindicator.  The appeal lasted for about a minute until I started thinking about how I lack a lot of the parts to that list (see: foot assault marines, Razorbacks) and also the ripple effects from swapping in one part.  It's not enough to carve out the ~150 points for a Vindicator; those few points over/under that result cause no end of wargear shuffling and rearranging.  Instead I went with the tried and true(ish) list I've been running for a while.  Not only did I have a good showing (especially by the Sanguinary Guard.  Who knew they could be effective?), I also got to live the dream: surround a transport and blow it up, destroying everything inside.  Granted it was just a Razorback with Grey Hunters, but it was still satisfying.  Satisfying enough that I considered, for a brief moment, finally getting that Stormraven before GW cranks the price up to something entirely unreasonable.  Will I make good on that?  Doubtful, especially while staring down an already unwieldy pile of Khador and Legion (with more Legion on the way shortly), but it's an outside possibility.  Since I'm one of the seven people on the plant who actually like the Stormraven as a model I feel it's my duty to have one, but $60ish of Stormraven translates into a unit of Legionnaires and a caster.  And maybe a solo or two.  Or another Angelius and multi-heavy kit.  So many hobbies, so little money...


  1. Blood Angels Vs Space Wolves! Vampire Vs Werewolves! It's another episode of Twilight!

    1. Very similar, except for a total lack of teenage fangirls.