Sunday, June 3, 2012

Been a while

Long time, no post.  There hasn't been much painting going on, which means no pictures waiting to be posted, which means no words to go with the pictures to make posts out of.  Things are cyclical and this is a down cycle.

That said, there's a storm brewing on the horizon.  My local group's "Journeyman" league is starting up soon.  More accurately, painting for the league is starting soon.  There might be a post or two of hordes of newly assembled and/or primed minis in the next two weeks, and after that (when painting starts) there should be plenty of content.  I'm doing Legion for the league as a spur to get it all painted (hopefully) and am looking at painting a large chunk of the line.  A full tally is still in the works, but off the top of my head I'm setting my tasks as such:
  • 6 warlocks (pLylyth, pVayl, eVayl, pThagrosh, eThagrosh, Saeryn)
  • 10ish beasts (two magnetized beasts, 2 Angels, Seraph, Carnivean/Proteus, a handful of lessers, 2 Bolt Throwers, Protector)
  • 5 units (Swordsmen, Legionaries, Archers, Striders, Spawning Vessel)
  • assorted solos and Minions
For reference, I've painted eight Legion models so far. (Typhon, Carnivean, two Shredders, eLylyth, Absylonia, two Shepherds).  The above lists is probably 50ish models all told.  This is my pie-in-the-sky goal for the league.  My more reasonable goal is to finish painting a Hardcore list for the Nova Open (which I've gotten off the fence about finally).  Of course that requires me to settle on a list for Hardcore, but I've got a couple months to do so.

Lock & Load has revealed all sorts of goodies, most of which seem too good to be true.  Double-epic Lylyth riding in a sleigh?  Greylord cav?  Archangel = dragon?  Hard to believe even with WIP shots and concept art.  The early returns on double-epic Vlad are less than I'd hoped for, and Conquest looks a bit underwhelming as well, but as always the grass is greener just over the horizon.

Add in to all this an impending Stormraven (GW mind-tricked me into finally getting one), which has caused all sorts of army list conjecture (double rock list? full mech? modified DoA? termies?), which has caused all sorts of army addition consideration, and I'm fighting to keep my pending order under control.  Most of the above Legion list is not yet mine, so adding on Assault Terminators and Razorbacks and Dreadnaughts and random Marines to magnetize is not a recipe for success, hobby or financial.  I may use the time before league painting starts to paint some 40k stuff, though if the new Paint the Target goal ever goes live that may alter my plans.

So much hobby work to do.  I think I'll go watch baseball.

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