Monday, June 25, 2012

Journeyman Painting Log # 4

Add another tally to the "finished" column.
Today I finished pVayl, more or less, as has become my custom.  My original thought was to do her inner dress/robe in purple, but somewhere along the way I roughed in a purple interior to her cloak.  Since I am nigh-powerless to change something I've roughed in the cloak has a purple lining and Vayl has a creamy dress.  In a flash of justification I reasoned with myself that the purple interior was better than the dress as it stuck to the role of purple in my scheme, namely as a lining color.  The orange Oraculus turned out reasonably well, as did the autumn colored leaves.  The only place that looks to need more love is the metal parts of the dress and....hat?  I'm not sure anything can be done for the thing that lives on her head, but a little highlighting wouldn't hurt, and the dress could stand some of the same treatment.  Whether that treatment is via standard highlighting or by applying a second purple wash for additional shading, or even a combination of both, is yet to be determined.

To recap the rest of the day, I laid down a first layer of flesh on the gessoed Spell Martyr.  While the gesso did pull away from some of the raised details it wasn't as bad as I thought it could be, and overall it provided a good surface to paint on.  It has a little more grip than my standard Duplicolor primer, but not so much as to be a problem.  The extra drying time is unfortunate, though perhaps a full day isn't necessary, and it certainly takes longer to brush on than spray on, so I don't think I'll be giving up the Duplicolor any time soon.  That said, I have the gesso now and it's a viable alternative for when I need to prime just part of a model or when the standard summer humidity here in the DMV kicks into overdrive.

In other game news, EV and I tried out Dust Warfare today.  EV got a (surely legitimate) pdf of the book and I've watched a game or three, so by combining our powers we managed what was probably a close approximation of how the game should be played.  We clipped along pretty quick for the first time with a new system, though we were playing a small (100 point) game.  It felt very much like 40k with a bit of reworking, but I think the extra touches help to smooth over some of the rougher patches of grimdark.  I'm always cautious about starting up in a new system, and doubly so when embroiled in a long-term project like the Journeyman league, but streamlined system + cheap models = compelling argument.


  1. Uh, actually....

    Yeah, my copy of Dust is totally legit and paid for. Not that I'm defensive or anything. (^_^)

    1. That's why I said you surely had a legitimate copy. :P PDFs are generally sketchy, but I know you like to support game companies.