Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Journeyman start part two

Upon returning from a closer-than-expected round of werewolves vs vampires at EV's place, I found an unexpected surprise.  It was actually sort of expected, just not so soon.  The bulk of my Legion expansion was sitting on my doorstep a good four hours earlier than I figured on, meaning I have all the parts (save a blister of Acolyths, another beast kit, and maybe another Deathstalker) for my Journeyman outing/Legion collection.  At least all the currently released bits as I'll be adding Captain Farilor, a Succubus, and a Naga Nightlurker once they're out.  So what did I get?  All this!  The boxes should be readable enough, but just in case (and to fill some white space) they are as such, clockwise from right: eThagrosh, Angelius, Legionnaires, Striders.

Followed up by a set of blisters, which are less legible.  By row, starting from the top: Harriers, Legionnaires 1, Saeryn, Spawning Vessel, Legionnaires 2, Spell Martyrs, Blackfrost Shard.

This gives me far more infantry than I ever expected to have for Legion, but in retrospect it wasn't a hard expansion.  I'd always meant to get the Striders, and I've seen how effective (and cheap!) Legionnaires + Spawning Vessel can be.  Spell Martyrs are a bit of a gamble as I'm not sure how much I'll use them, but they seem like they'll be very useful in a few situations.  The Blackfrost Shard has enough utility that they'll see some decent table time, despite being 5 points, plus I like the ninjaesque look of the models.  After that it's all beasts and casters which didn't require any arm twisting.  The second Angelius is a recentish development as well.  On my first pass through the Legion book I was underwhelmed by the beast, but seeing it in action has shown me how useful it is.  I've been cackling in corners here and there while considering a pair of them with Saeryn.  Now I'll be able to unleash that upon all-too-suspecting people at the FLGS (Danny has been running that sort of list for a while, so I won't be catching anyone off-guard).

While I haven't crunched the numbers just yet, I think I have all the bits (with the notable exception of Raptors) to run just about any build I want.  The third beast kit will make eLylyth lists a bit easier to do, as I'll be able to run two Ravagores and a Scythean, but that build wants Raptors anyway so it'll be on the back-burner for a bit as it is.  Painting starts this weekend, at long last, so now I'm just looking at a lot of assembly and hoping for decent priming weather.  In a perfect world I'd have everything assembled and primed by Saturday, but there's approximately 0% chance of that happening, so instead I'll focus on a list or two as a starting point and expand from there.  Can't wait to get to painting.

(Also eager to get cracking on the Stormraven hiding under all that Legion, but there are only so many hours in the day.)

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