Friday, June 8, 2012

Journeyman starting point

My local group is running a modified Journeyman league starting next month.  The painting head start begins next Saturday, one month before games begin, and since there are points for painting I need to document what's painted, what isn't, and what's in between.  We'll start with the sexy and leave the eyesore below the break.

The small collection of painted stuff.  Typhon, Carnivean, eLylyth, Absylonia, two Shredders, two Shepherds.

 The beasts.  The Carnivean will get stripped, and possibly made into Proteus.  Not the jumbled limbs and upside-down heads on the plastic kits to show how they're magnetic.  The remaining limbs are still waiting for attention.  I was going to strip the Shredders as well, but since we're doing (up to) primer and a color I'll let them go.  The blue that EV started with is close enough to my own starting blue/grey that I'll just call it the first layer.

Infantry madness.  Left to right: Swordsmen, Deathstalker, pLylyth, pThagrosh, pVayl, three Forsaken, Archers.  Thags and Lylyth will be getting a bath in Simple Green.  The Swordsmen are getting painted, as you'll see in a moment, but the Archers may languish unless/until I run out of Legion stuff to paint.  Their bows are so fiddly I've already broken half of them just taking them out of my bag or picking the stupid things up.

The two Swordsmen on the right are off-site and in-progress, so I'm using this (admittedly older) shot to show where they're at.  They passed primer + 1 a long time ago, so they won't count for the points.  To avoid confusion the Shepherds here are the ones in the finished shot above.

Return of random rotation!  This is probably hard to make out, so here's a guide starting on the left/bottom: Swamp Gobbers, Totem Hunter, Proteus upgrade kit, Bolt Thrower, Strider UA, Swordsmen blister, Swordsmen UA.

The final two blisters that were hiding elsewhere: Nephilim Protector and eVayl.

I have a large(ish) order inbound as well that should hit on Tuesday, but we'll cover that when it arrives.

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