Friday, June 22, 2012

Journeyman Painting Log # 2

Soon to be finished.
Brief update here, or as brief as I can be.  Got a decent chunk of work done on the Seraph yesterday, all the skin, underplates, purples, and the teeth.  All that remains are the upperplates and blighty spikey bits that will end up pure orange.  I would have gotten it finished yesterday if not for the weekly trip to the FLGS, but since that's (at least part of) the point of painting in the first place it would be silly to skip playing to paint.  Plus I already did that on Tuesday.  With any luck the Seraph will be finished today and I'll be able to get some quality progress in on pVayl as well.

In other painting news, I got some gesso earlier in the week and will be trying that out when I get to the painting table today.  While I want to just plow straight into Saeryn with it I'll take the more prudent route and start with a single Spell Martyr to make sure that it works well before moving on to a more important model.

In non-painting news, apparently the Thornwood league started this week.  I wasn't sure exactly when it started since the local chatter has been about journeyman, colossals, the Nova Open, just about anything except the next seasonal league.  You can imagine my surprise when one of the employees at the FLGS asked if I was signing up for Thornwood.  The answer was yes (I love badges) and I even got my first game in, albeit with a stunt faction.

In non-Warmahordes news, an old favorite is slated to return from beyond the horizon next week.  It might even be enough to get an old-fashioned battle report out of me.

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