Saturday, July 20, 2013

Journeyman Painting Log 7

Two shot magic sniper is tasty.  
More quick work at the painting table today.  Employing the new double wash approach from last time I knocked out Kell Bailoch and Harlan Versh today.  Both feature the same sort of gigantic coat that Reinholdt wears (Kell is little more than the coat). so I made good time with minimal exertion while still painting to a reasonable standard.  Kell's sculpt gets knocked for being tiny like the Black 13th, but I haven't heard any complaints about how ugly it is.  90% of the model is coat and the face is disappointing.  I didn't want to do the coat in 5th Border Legion green since he's a mercenary so I did the pants in green instead.  Hindsight tells me I should have done the hat in green because it will thrust itself forward, unlike the pants which hide in the all-consuming coat.  The stock of the gun would be better with some wood grain too, but I'm happy with the result overall.

He earned his paint long ago.
I like Harlan Versh's sculpt as much as I dislike Kell Bailoch's.  There's plenty of detail all over, the sword hangar is a unique touch, and the execution pose is great.  The double wash worked better here, especially the torso.  The pants and shirt both got the same base (VGC Khaki) and wash (Army Painter Strong Tone) to start, then got different highlights (Bleached Bone/more Khaki) and washes (Strong Tone/GW Ogryn Flesh) for the second round.  The shirt got a final highlight of white as well.  Unlike the other two brown coats the outerwear came out the worst on Harlan, probably because it's two big fluffs instead of the crinkly, draping folds on the others.  The well oiled, and well traveled, leather look is still there even if it isn't as thoroughly layered as Gorman.

This time I remembered a before shot, including the next batch of Aiyana & Holt and eEryiss.  A&H feature in my 35 point pSorscha list, so I hope to get them finished for next week's games.  Since I've talked around the new approach to Khador a time or two now, how about an actual example? The list as it stands:

Kommander Sorscha  +5 points
* Black Ivan  10 points
* Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker  2 points

Doom Reavers  6 points
Greylord Ternion  4 points
Kell Bailoch  2 points
Koldun Lord  2 points
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt  4 points
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator  1 point
Widowmaker Marksman  2 points
Widowmakers  4 points
Winter Guard Mortar Crew  3 points

If A&H aren't ready I can fall back on Harlan Versh and a Doom Reaver UA.  The list should still run fine without A&H, but they're another piece I want to try and incorporate more.  They might take longer as I don't have a clear scheme in mind yet and have been meaning to bring in some different colors on the mercs.  There's a particular green I haven't used yet that might look real nice on a lady elf.

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