Monday, July 22, 2013

Journeyman Painting Log 8

Ladies first.
Lazy or efficient?  That's the dilemma I have with my painting over the last week or two.  On the one hand I'm cranking out finished minis at a record pace while maintaining a reasonable quality of work.  On the other hand I feel like I'm cheating by leaning on washes as much as I am instead of my usual, laborious process of too many layers.  This is a non-issue, beyond what I'm making of it, as the models look as good as, if not better than, what I've been doing and in far less time.  It's a bit dirtier and not as sharp as, say, the marines I do, but the time investment is in hours instead of days.  That seems like a good trade.  Of course the day that I'm truly satisfied with anything I do is the day we all get splattered by a gigantic comet/Godzilla/Cthulhu, so it's in everyone's best interests that I keep finding nits to pick.

Two handcannons means he's more than a LoS blocker.
Moving on to the reason for this post, namely new painted minis, I finished up Aiyana & Holt today.  Despite the previous paragraph I'm actually pretty happy with the pair, at least at a high level.  I had what I assume is a very typical idea for them: painting them as a pair of opposites.  At first I was going to do this mostly with in the outerwear, where Holt would have colored edges and white interior while Aiyana had white edges and a colored interior (much like Holt does now).  When I sat down to really look at the models and plan my approach I couldn't draw enough parallels between the two to make the mirror idea work.  Instead I went with a hot/cold theme, which I think worked out better than the mirror would have.  I stuck with the white and color idea but used blue/grey "whites" for Aiyana and bone/cream "whites" for Holt, then paired those with blue (cold) and red (hot).  I even went so far as to use blue washes on Aiyana to keep the warmer Devlan Mud (ish) notes out of her palette, other than the skin and strip of red.  I'm a little concerned about the red, white, and blue effect they'll have on the table, but if I can get past the christmas tree thing then the flag thing shouldn't be a problem.

Up next is probably eEriyss, since she's already on the painting table and even has a very small amount of paint on her.  After that I want to crank out a unit or maybe a caster to add some variety to all the solos I've been doing.  I should do the Demo Corps for the bonus Journeyman points I'd get, plus finally finishing off my MoW units, but I'd also like to get the Eliminators done (they'd be real quick with just two) and the Great Bears as well.  Zerkova and eVlad are at the top of the caster pile, though eSorscha could sneak up as well.  IFP are still the main goal even if I haven't started on them yet, and of course Conquest still looms over everything.

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