Monday, May 3, 2010

Rain, rain, go away

With papers finished (or enough papers finished to come up for air [or enough papers finished enough to come up for air]) a brief window of modeling opportunity has presented itself. Sadly, a larger window of typical DC weather has presented itself. The dread Triple H has been in town for a few days, and I don't mean a pro wrestler. It's been hot and humid for the past couple days. The hazy is still on winter break apparently, but it's the humid that matters. I picked up some Duplicolor Sandable Primer today from the local Advance Autoparts, but it's just too humid to give it a shot. Judging by the cap, it's also a lot darker than the rather light grey primer I had been using, so the Doomies will look interesting when I get the chance to fill in the cracks in the primer. Pics of the primered product for sure. In the meantime, instead of painting some of the literal army of primered Khadorans awaiting the gentle caress of my brush, I'll be writing some more papers. Good news is that I have about a week left before school is over, if only for a month or so. Bad news is that between humidity, papers, and studying lgaming time will be scarce before school is over, though I hope to get in a game with HMcT later this week. He resolved his computer issues as well, so maybe a link or two for him is in the cards as well. In the meantime, back to the salt mines.

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