Friday, November 19, 2010

More about orks

Despite my misgivings about taking up another project (army number 5 if you're counting), I've been making progress with the orks.  I have 2 bikers and about 20 boyz left to assemble, plus a sack of old metal burna boyz that don't figure into my current plans though they may get some love later.  Between transcribing interviews I took some hobby breaks and got all the barrels, both foot troops and vehicles, drilled out, as well as priming 10 shoota boyz.  Inching along, but progress is progress.

I had started collecting orks way back when with an eye towards a Kult of Speed army.  In this newer incarnation, I'm leaning towards a shootier army of Deathskulls.  Finishing one ork army is going to be enough of a task, not to mention expense, so how to compromise between the two?  My current idea is that I don't.  While that seems like a contradiction at first, here's what I have in mind: a Deathskulls tribe where the Warboss has sniffed the gas can one too many times and is now a Speed Freak. 

With this in mind I'm planning on having a Deathskulls backbone of big mobs of foot sloggers and big guns, then supporting that with a mobile Speed Freaks force.  I'm going to try and have red and blue on all the minis, with the Deathskull elements being predominantly blue with red accents and the Freaks the opposite.

Of course this whole project is a bit of an exercise at this point.  I have about 1200 points of orks right now, and while I will (potentially) have a load of boyz coming in from two Assault on Black Reach sets (@EV: Warstore is having a Black Friday sale, so let me know if you want in on some ordering action), I'm not really looking to bulk the army out in the ways that I'd like to, meaning more trukks, lootas, killa kans, and lots of nobz.  The trukks in particular are an issue as I have the old, tiny trukks that don't look anything like the new trukks.  Just in terms of scale they're nothing alike, let alone styling.  I've been considering calling any new trukks battlewagons until I get up to speed with them, but it's idle speculation.

This whole thing boils down to having a good time.  I picked up a box of boyz that had been laying around for years because I wanted to glue some plastic together one day, and I've managed to keep it going thus far.  When the painting starts I may hit the wall, but we'll see.  I don't plan on painting every boy to a high standard, so maybe it'll be a relaxing thing.  I really like the whole "no individual is really worth much" feel of the orks.  It encourages a light-hearted attitude that is often absent from my hobbies, so yay for that.

In keeping with my desire to put pictures in all my posts, here's one of my ghetto biker nob.
I feel like I should model some duct tape on this guy.
Things keep rolling along, hopefully they continue to do so.

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