Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Have time, will hobby

Had the last final of the last semester of my undergrad on Monday, an event that I've been looking forward to for a while.  Not having to worry about signing up for more classes or wondering what my schedule will be like is nice, but now I'm looking at Finding A Job, which is not so nice.  In the here and now, I have some hobby time and have been putting it to use.  I had lofty goals for the day yesterday: finish my five test orks, then roll into the Blood Angel I started months ago, then hopefully roll into more orks.  Inception got in the way of that, which is a great movie if you haven't seen it, so I didn't get all of that done, but I did make some progress.

I did the black on the orks, mostly boots and various straps.  I was going to leave the guns grey initially as my primer is dark enough that I think it would work fine with a metallic, but in the end I decided to do all the guns black as well.  Photo setup is well below par, so apologies for the poor quality.

Group shot.

I also tried out the Vallejo Heavy Warmgrey.  I wanted a white foundation paint, of which Vallejo has a couple.  I targeted the Warmgrey as the one that fitted my desires best, and perhaps it does when compared with the others, but it's definitely pinker than I expected, more of an Elf Flesh kind of color.  Regardless of the color, it went on like I wanted and covered well.

Detail shot!!!

I was somewhat disappointed with my progress before I started, but on reflection the orks are getting colored.  I'm going to try some different approaches to the white shirts, have metals and leather to do, and want to highlight the black a bit, but all that aside I'm getting close to finished with this batch.  Just another 20+ batches to go.  Oh, and basing.  But at least there's progress.

On the gaming front, actual games will probably have to wait until after Christmas, but I've been tinkering with a Blood Angels list that I'm pretty happy with now.  I finally made some new minis and re-equipped others so I'm cutting fewer corners than previously.

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