Thursday, December 30, 2010

More ork progress

I've gotten a lot of work done on the orks since the last post about them, two sessions worth in fact.  Yesterday I put down a layer of Dead White on the shirts, horns, and teeth of the models.  Then I tried the Vallejo Game Color Gunmetal, which I assume is equivalent to Boltgun Metal in the GW range.  It went on very dark, almost black, for the first three models before showing the metallic sheen that I expected.  I went back over the first three and they looked better, perhaps I had watered the paint down too much at first.  Then I washed everything I had painted that day with Devlan Mud.  After that I did some metal bits with an ancient pot of Brazen Brass to break up the Gunmetal.

The first day.
This morning I went back with Dead White and highlighted the appropriate areas.  I followed that with a highlight from another ancient pot of Chainmail, the a brand new pot of Shining Gold on the brass areas.  The metal highlights don't pop as much as I thought they would, especially since I gave the areas a wash beforehand.  Maybe metallic highlights just don't show that well.

I should have cropped this first.
I'm happy enough with how the white areas turned out, though there was a lot of time invested.  I took a bunch of shots of the same guy instead of a group shot for some reason.

I'm away from my usual setup, hence the poor pictures.  I actually think the pictures look better than the real model, so take from that what you will.

Now with dramatic shadow.

With the white done I started in on the black.  I didn't have a real plan for how I was going to highlight it.  I started with Vallejo Game Color Stonewall Gray, which is far too light to do a straight highlight with.  Judging from the online paint chips, the Vallejo is closest to Fortress Grey in the GW line, but much lighter.  I started doing one of the straps, but didn't like the results.  Instead I decided to try a grey coat on the boots with a wash, so I got to experimenting.

Group boot shot.
The two on the right have a fairly heavy coat of thinned Stonewall Gray.  The next two have a sparser coat of the same, but after it had been on the palate for a few minutes and firmed up a bit.  The final one has a more elaborate process that I'll get to in a bit.

Left to right: Detailed - Controlled - Heavy
I did half with Devlan Mud and the other half with yet another incredibly old pot of Black Ink.  Back when I started collecting miniatures, I got the Black Ink not realizing it was ink and what that meant.  I got actual black paint soon enough, but held on to the ink even though I didn't really know what it was for at the time. 
Heavy coat of thin grey.
I did the washes after the pictures, so they'll have to wait until next time.  I was happier with the black ink after the washes were on, though I'll re-evaluate one they're dry.  I thought I would like the Devlan Mud more, so this result was surprising, though it really shouldn't be considering I want the boots black in the end.
Controlled grey, aiming to leave more shadows.
I did another pass with the Stonewall Grey to firm up the highlights, though I'm not sure how that will turn out.  I think I need to make my highlights brighter and my shading darker as the color seems to blend together too much considering the time I put into it.  If I was just basecoating and washing I'd be fine with the results, but I do add an extra step or two and am not seeing the results I want.  Perhaps an adjustment in approach is in order.
The detailed approach.
This final guy gets some extra screen time.  I wasn't happy with the straight Stonewall Grey, so I added a dot of black close by and mixed it up as I went.  The result was a very noticeable transition between dark and light, but one that I can't imagine doing for 100+ orks, and each ork having two feet at that.  I washed this one with Devlan Mud, thinking it would give me the better results, so I'm interested in how it turns out.  I'm thinking about giving it another black inking, but I'll judge when dry if it needs any more attention, though I think it will.

I'm finally closing in on finishing my first batch of orks.  I've probably been painting them, off and on, for a month or so.  At this rate I'll finish around the middle of 2013, assuming I don't paint anything else.  And if I don't count vehicles, of which there are plenty.  Hopefully things speed up as I get more reps in.

On the new models front, I made the exchange with EV on Tuesday, swapping the Terminators and Dreadnaught from my Black Reach box for his orcs and tactical squad.  I've assembled a Dethkopta, 2-3 orks, and perhaps 7 of the marines.  I made sure to put the missile launchers together, as they figure into the Blood Angels list I'm working at.  I also put together two more missile launcher marines from bits I had lying around and some I got from EV, so my second 4 ML squad is ready to go, if unpainted.  I'm not sure what I will do with the tactical squads ultimately.  They're nice models, and I do need another tac squad or two for my battle company, but they have the tactical arrows on their right shoulder pad.  While I like this detail, the Blood Angels don't use those markings, so they don't really fit into the army.  I could shave the arrows off, but that'll be plenty of work and I really like them as they are.  I could also paint them up as a different chapter (I've been looking at the Crimson Fists) or as a newly-turned Chaos squad.  For now the launchers are occupied and the rest can wait.

I may have mentioned in the last post that I've been back on a Blood Angels kick, so I've been working at them a bit.  The new models are so nice that I want to incorporate the BA specific pieces into all the models, though I am loath to recollect the army.  In the meantime I'm plugging gaps with the pieces I have now, so the new assault sergeant and missile launchers that I built look nice, and are what I'd like the rest to look like when I'm done.  I got a 20% off coupon from the FLGS, so I'm considering my purchase.  For the new list I need a Sanguinary Guard unit, so they're in.  I also need another unit of jumping assault marines.  I'm thinking about pulling the backpacks off some of the foot assault marines I have, but having used plastic glue that isn't something that will be done easily.  Instead I'm looking at getting another Death Company box and a regular assault box, then mixing the pieces to make a new jumper squad.  I'll have enough BA chainswords and bolt pistols for the regular troopers, plus the choice of at least three different fists for the sergeant, and the meltaguns that are on the way from GW.  The only sticking point is the shoulder pads.  The Death Company box has six pads with the BA chapter marking on them, which is great, but it also means I won't have enough of them to make a ten man squad.  I'm hoping the Sanguinary Guard unit has a similar surplus, but I'm not banking on it.  There are twenty sculpted pads in the DC box, so I can make plenty of detailed marines and I may just use transfers on blank pads for the other chapter symbols, but I would like to have everyone with a molded pad eventually.  I should have ordered some of the BA pads from GW while I was getting the meltaguns, but alas for hindsight.  I also need another Sanguinary Priest with a jump pack, plus some power weapons for that priest and his fellows.  While I also got enough storm shields from EV to make the nasty Honor Guard I've been dreaming about, I want those to be very ornate models and doubt I'll have enough bits to put them together in addition to the assault squad.  I'll probably end up getting yet another DC box for them and bashing all the bits together to make some themed guys.  That's on the horizon though.

In the present, the job search looms.  I want to finish these orks today, though that may be overly ambitious.  I'd also like to get and assemble the rest of the pieces for the BA list.  I haven't looked to see when I can expect the meltaguns yet, but my coupon is good through the middle of January, so I'm willing to wait a week or two before adding to my pile of unassembled minis.  It has been good making progress though.

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