Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No more waiting

As the title implies, I've had this one on deck for about a week now.  I haven't posted yet because I wanted to have a picture to go with the post, but I don't want to just take some shot of some random thing to fill my own quota.  I have a replacement for the missing picture, but I'll stick it at the end and make you wait.  Or scroll down, whatever suits your style.

First off, my Warstore order came in last Wednesday, not quite 2 days after it shipped, which was a day after I placed the order.  My first batch from them took a while longer, so I was very surprised when I found the box on my doorstep.  I got Assault on Black Reach mostly so I'd have a 40k rule book, but also to facilitate the future trade with EV.  I got some paint, the Vallejo equivalents of Bestial Brown, Blazing Orange, Scorpion Green, and Deneb Stone.  I'm eager to try the last one in particular to see if it makes painting white, or any light color like red or yellow, any easier.  I also got a box of Nobz after vacilating between the Nobz, Killa Kanz, and a Deff Dread.  I fully intended to get the Dread, but changed my mind in the end.

I also dropped in on EV for the first time in entirely too long.  He had a looted wagon conversion for me, as well as a bag of Nobz.  In return I had a paltry pair of old Deathwing termies and some vehicle transfer sheets.  I know I have more Deathwing guys somewhere, it's just a matter of finding them.

With the new ork additions, I put together a rough 1850 list and didn't have to stretch to do it, which is a nice change.  I still want some heavier things like Dreads or Kanz, but I think I can manage a decent list that doesn't involve a fully tricked out Nobz unit.  Even better, I have all the models that go into this magical list, though some of them are still boxed.  For now. EV is keen on playing at the local GW, something that I'm less thrilled about.  Something occurred to me the other day though: I don't have an army that fits their store-playing standard, which kinda opts me out.

This being the end, here's my replacement for a picture: a school project.  It's a choose your own ninja adventure.


  1. "I don't have an army that fits their store-playing standard"

    Well, actually, they've lowered that standard to "do you own approximately appropriate models" as the store standard, so a WYSIWYG army is actually a step up from the Beastmen army I faced a couple of months ago. No blank bases counting a Minotaurs? Awesome.

    I do understand your reluctance to play at a G.W. store, so I do intend to add two more 2'x2' boards to my arsenal. The suggestion was only a temporary solution to the "I don't have a 6'x4' board to play on" issue. I just can't stomach gaming on an untextured board, just as I don't like to use unpainted miniatures any more.

    Any way, as long as you're getting what you want out of the Orks, it beats having them sit on my shelves collecting dust- and I have one more Nob for you, too. Don't worry about getting me any more of those Deathwing Terminators. To be honest, they don't fit the ascetic of my current army, so they won't really see any use on the tabletop. Thanks any way, though.

  2. So GW backed off on the "At least 3 colors and based" standard? I'm surprised, and a little disappointed actually. I liked that they wanted people to have at least attempted painting the models they brought in to game with.

    Expanding your table collection bears some discussion. I've been struggling with Christmas ideas and that sounds promising, though I hate to tip my hand.

    Too bad about the termies. I thought they looked fairly close in scale to the new ones, but the poses are pretty rigid, so I can see them not really fitting in so well.

    Saving the best for last, Things are again afoot that aim to separate me from hobby time. Hopefully everything works out soon enough.