Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Quality packing

There was a box on my front step yesterday, a box from GW.  It was, as expected, the meltaguns I ordered last week.  They arrived a little sooner than I anticipated, but nothing surprising.  What was surprising was the box itself.

Clothespin not included.
That's one big box for ten meltaguns.  I wasn't sure what kind of packaging would arrive, though having worked at Tower Records in receiving for years I came up with many ideas for how I would have packed it.  Most involved a padded envelope.  None of my solutions a roughly eight-inch cube.  Maybe that's why Tower went under: went didn't use grossly oversized boxes when shipping (in fact I made more than a few custom boxes to exactly fit the item).  I was similarly uncertain about how the meltaguns themselves would be packed, and again I was surprised.

Nothing for scale this time.
I had thought maybe a ziploc bag, or perhaps just loose in the envelope/box.  I hadn't expected blisters, let alone a pair of them.  While this packaging makes more sense than the box did, it's still far too much for the items being contained.  Whatever floats their boat I suppose.  At least my items arrived in a timely manner and intact, which is all you can really ask for.  I've been considering going to the FLGS today or tomorrow (probably tomorrow at this point), so I should really decide what I'm going to get there.  My original plan of Sanguinary Guard, Death Company, and Assault Squad leaves me short on meltagunners, so I'm reassessing.


  1. Blisters are not unexpected as that is exactly how they arrive at my store before they go up on the shelves. Yes your FLGS can order these items as well and save you the shipping fees - and probably save on packaging too because when GW sends blisters to stores its fairly efficient.

  2. Glad to see your meltaguns have arrived!

    ...And just in time for me to finish my Deathwing army. I guess I'll just have to rely on that 5+ invulnerable save!

    Now that I have all my Terminators assembled (save the sergeant waiting on a head) I'm throwing down the gauntlet. That's right- time for some Space-Marine-on-Space-Marine action. Your Assault Marine horde versus my Terminator mob.

  3. Re: not ordering through the FLGS, EV pointed out to me that GW does free shipping for orders over $15, hence my ordering from GW. I was bemoaning my lack of meltaguns when this came up and I'd never considered getting them from GW directly.

    Re: gauntlet being thrown down, I'm still putting together the new list that I want to try, though now I'm questioning whether Sanguinary Guard work like I think they do. I plan on going to the FLGS today to pick up the rest of the components for said list, though I've been planning on that for a couple days now and things keep interfering. Should that plan get off the ground, I should have all my troops assembled for next week. I want to get back to playing at least a game a week while I have the chance.