Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Squad Bites the Dust

Today I made good on my intentions to build an assault squad.  I used the assault squad and Death Company boxes with some bits from the Command Squad bow mixed in.  I wanted to get them finished today because I have plenty of stuff to put together for this coming week, but also so I could prime them in the morning.  Weather allowing of course, as it's been pretty cold here the last couple days.  I botched one of the Death Company jump packs, two really.  One of the packs has a cord running around the exhausts, two halves that definitely go together.  The first time I made this pack, for another assault sergeant, I got the halves matched up, but in the batch cleaning and assembling I did today that small detail got missed.  Other than that I'm very happy with them.

Full assault squad, check.

I pinned the metal meltagun hand into the arm.  I considered pinning the arms to the shoulders as well, but decided to skip it as excessive.  I drilled all the barrels except the metal one, which I'll just paint.  I think the 50/50 assault/Death Company mix worked well.  It just occurred to me that I haven't based these guys, so maybe I won't prime them tomorrow and base them instead.  If that's the case I'll try and get the other meltagunners, and maybe the Sanguinary Priest, done tomorrow as well.  Updated to-do list:

5 Sanguinary Guard - built
Full assault squad - built
3 jump pack meltagunners - box (one torso assembled)
Jump Pack Sanguinary Priest - box
various arms/backpacks/bits -box

Wednesday is scheduled, and Tuesday is going to be too soon, so I'm looking at Thursday or Friday for the first game with the new list.


  1. Looking very nice. I honestly am fairly afraid of facing your list as all the Meltaguns are almost custom built to wreck a Deathwing army. I'm hoping the couple of tricks my army can pull off will be enough, but we'll see...

  2. Meltaguns and power fists will work well certainly, but there are only so many of them. I'm concerned about all those Terminators, all with power fists, all with invulnerable saves. Sure they're kinda slow and there's not many of them, but they're all hard targets. My missile launchers will be of limited use against them, and the majority of my assaulting troops are bolt pistol/chainsword, so I have to hope that volume of attacks and wounds takes some of your troops out. It should be interesting to see how things work out.