Friday, January 14, 2011

A Triumphant Return Indeed

Brief post here as hockey looms.  The game with EV went well and was entertaining, at least for me.  Turns out he had a pair of drop pod dreads instead of Land Raiders, but other than that I was right on.  He had one CC Terminator squad and four shooty squads.  I was worried about the dreads, as I assumed EV would drop them into my Devastator fire base and clear it out.  Instead he dropped them midfield, but perhaps I should provide a bit more narrative for context.

We played an objective mission that I don't know the name of, basically a take the opponent's base while defending your own sort of thing.  Deployment was in opposing quarters.  We both had ruins in our zones, and both put our objectives in the ruins.  I set up my Devs and their babysitter on mine, while EV put a shooty squad on his.  There were a few hills and a woods down the middle providing cover for most of the long-range shooting.  I ran my jumpers more or less as I intended to, allowing for terrain.

The game was mostly decided by a big melee in the center.  We each had a counter-puncher unit, my Sanguinary Guard and EV's CC termies.  My first turn of shooting went mostly into those termies to try and whittle their numbers down, which worked well enough.  I sent one RAS squad in, along with the SG, into a shooty squad and wiped them out.  Turns out sweeping advances don't work like they did in 3rd edition, go figure, so I couldn't continue the assault but had to stand there and look pretty.  I tried to string the remnants of the RAS out between the SG and EV's CCers, but I didn't manage to string them far enough and in the following turn EV piled in with said squad and another shooty squad.  I ended up sending another RAS in the next turn, and when the dust cleared 3-4 of my marines were still standing.  The remaining RAS cleared out another shooty squad with little loss, so the endgame was my fire base and a RAS against EV's fire base (and two drop pods).  The dreads got dealt with quickly when they landed and mostly served to provide cover saves with their drop pods, though the explosions caused by their demise may have taken out a marine or two.

It took me a turn or two to cross the board with my remained RAS, so in the intermission I fired many missiles at EV's fire base.  Turns out Terminators in cover are remarkably hardy.  In the end I assaulted them and cleared them out, securing EV's objective while holding my own with a lone assault marine left over from the bloodbath in the middle.

In the end I was pleased with the results.  I played more or less like I wanted to, and I was satisfied with how quickly the Terminators went down under the flurry of blows from assaults, but somewhat disappointed how well they stood up to repeated missiles to the face.  I tried a couple frags at the start, but couldn't hit enough bodies to make it seem worthwhile.  I also let my priests get a little disordered in the middle of the game, but those couple things aside things went more or less according to plan.  I would have some pictures, but I forgot my camera in the scramble to make it (close to) on time for the game.

Also, before I forget, EV has a blog up of his own now, so huzzah for more gaming blogs.  

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