Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Don't take Bulldoze for granted

Found this on a "my bad" search.  Searching "oops" only gave nip slips...
It's getting late and I'm extra tired for some reason, so this one is probably going to be of a lesser quality than usual.  A fitting 200th post.  Turns out that when I skipped over reading the full text for Bulldoze in the Wrath entries, I missed a subtle change.  Bulldoze is just in activation now it seems, as a poster on the PP boards pointed out, so Black Ivan's heroic breakout from last week shouldn't have worked the way it did.  I think Sorscha could have done the deed herself, but it would have been a closer thing, and it was plenty close already.  Lesson learned here: read the whole page and/or card, even if you already know the stats on a Bombard or what Bulldoze does.

From one mistake to a potential other, I've made a list that the internet will hate for a game of 40k tomorrow.  I have a hard time making a list, or undertaking any enterprise really, that doesn't work as well as it could.  As such, I tend towards running similar lists and units because they're just more effective and/or efficient for their cost.  Unfortunately this means that a lot of things I like never see the table.  In an attempt to embrace 40k as more of a hobby and less of a competitive game, I made a list full of things I like but never play, things like:
  • Chaplain
  • Baal Predator
  • Vindicator
  • Attack Bike
  • Death Company...
  • a Land Raider
And various other things to fill points.  Beyond a pair of Assault squads and Sanguinary Priests, I have no redundancy.  Even the Assault squads are slightly different, so the only spam is the two priests.  I've never run a real hybrid list before, though I've come close once or twice, and I've never used a Land Raider.  I'm not even sure I've played against a Land Raider.  I'm also more excited about running this list than I have been for a while, if only because it's so different from what I tend towards.  Thanks in part to the "hurricane," and also to my faulty memory, I'll be fielding a couple unprimed models, but at this late hour that's unavoidable.  In my defense they're models I never expected to field any time soon, if ever.  I wanted to get a multimelta Dread in but just couldn't make it work in the points, nor could I stomach the idea of proxying a drop pod with a Gatorade bottle.  Will this be the game where EV's Deathwing wins a match?  The stars are aligning for it.


  1. Well, my Deathwing list would gain much interweb ire, so don't beat yourself up for taking stuff you like. By all rights (if the internet had its way) I wouldn't even run anything out of the Dark Angels codex to begin with! I simply happen to like Tactical Dreadnought Armor, so I put as many dreads on the table as I can. If I were to listen to the internets, however, I'd be running Deathwing / Ravenwing (which does appeal to me, but for now I'd rather invest in other game systems).

    Long, rambling post short- field what you like, and just learn how to use it. There are many players out there who do just fine with "unconventional" builds. If you want to run all jump marines, do it. If you want to run a billion vehicles of differing flavors, go for it. My Plague Marines, despite being a bit (and I mean just a little- there are things I'd change if I had the option) optimized, are made up of models I had fun converting and like to field. They happen to operate well, but believe me, were Plague Marines to fall (further) behind the power curve I'd still use them.

    Any way, I've rambled on long enough. Be proud to try out new stuff. Hell, maybe one day I'll finish painting my Plague Dreadnoughts and I'll pull them out. Don't hold your breath, though. My ALEPH stuff arrived today.

    Oh, and as far as the bulldoze thing goes, no worries. I'd prefer to have had Sorscha try to kill me (because if she failed she was D.E.A.D. dead) but errors happen. I just expect you to be a bit tighter on the rules in the future. (^_^)

  2. After my recent experience with regular dreads I'm none too eager to face off against Nurgle dreads. Of course I took a long, hard look at a Furioso at the FLGS the other day, so perhaps I just want a head start on the arms race.

    100% rules compliance is always the goal, but the reality is somewhat less than that. In my defense I'll point out that PP could have put one of the little tactical tips boxes on either of the jacks with Bulldoze in Wrath that pointed out the change. I know how it should work now, at least regarding activations. Bulldoze is still one of the most intriguing but confusing abilities I've seen.