Friday, August 12, 2011

Where did the time go?

Color balance is better here, but worse in person.
Turns out I ramble when I write, so my pre-work time cushion has mostly evaporated.  Thus you get a short post.  More work on the Butcher today.  In keeping with the inside-out theory, I started with the face as the innermost element.  A base of Bronzed Flesh with a Sepia wash was established last time, so this session was all base tones and highlights.  I started with raw Bronzed Flesh and added two layers with increasing amounts of Bleached Bone.  Final highlights were pure Bleached Bone as I didn't want to take it all the way up to white.  Teeth are also Bleached Bone.  I don't know that I'm entirely happy with the eyes, and Orsus has a nasty hare lip that I'll have to fix, but other than that the head is finished.  I started blocking in the red to see how the spread looks.  There's too much I think, particularly in the legs, but I have no immediate ideas on how to remedy it.  The cloak will be a darker red to keep it from blending in with the armor, but there's still too much red detailing.  I'll have to dig up some 5th Border Legion Men-O-War to see how others have done it.  In the meantime I put an Umber Shade wash on the red and green so I can get going on the green next time.  As a side note, while my blutac on prescription bottle lids approach to holding models has worked well thus far, Orsus doesn't want to sit on it.  The base is much larger than the blutac and causes the model to shift a lot.  While it hasn't been a problem yet, just a minor annoyance, there's the very real possibility of the model shifting while I'm applying the brush which could end in disaster. 

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