Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I (didn't) feel the earth move under my feet

All but done.
Excitement in the DMV this afternoon: we had an earthquake.  Turns out I'm a unique snowflake as everyone I've talked to in the area felt and saw shaking, whereas I just heard a noise that I thought was the washing machine at first, but soon figured was something more.  Reports have the epicenter near Fredericksburg where Game Vault is, so hopefully everything is ok down there.

The rumbling had an effect on my hobby progress today.  When the quake hit I was working on Orsus, and once I realized what was going on my first thought was "I need to stop painting so I don't get shaken into screwing up my work."  Once I was satisfied that everyone I knew was safe and the house was in tact I sat back down to finish up the metals, but I'd lost enough time to not want to tackle the base today.  As such, the Butcher himself is done, but the ground beneath him is still in need of work.

A new view for non-Khadorans.
I got more done than I expected to, and in less time.  I decided to go with leather for the pants and worked them up from Bestial Brown through Snakebite Leather and to a final ~1/3 mix of Snakebite to Bleached Bone.  (As an aside, all these paints are the Vallejo equivalents, but since I don't know their names and do know the GW versions I use the names I know.)  The wooden stock of the hand cannon got a similar treatment, but I skipped a few layers for a darker finish.  Next I moved on to the fur which got a lightish grey drybrushing.  I had intended to give it a wash, but the results looked good after the initial drybrush, so I left well enough alone.  The cloak got the usual red treatment but toned down a couple steps.  I actually used both Scab Red and Red Gore in the same areas, so I finally got a feel for the difference between the two colors.  They look all but identical in the bottles, but on the palette I could see the difference.  Scab Red formed the base, then mixing up through Red Gore and Blood Red before a final highlight of pure Blood Red.  The metals were Chainmail and a shade of copper with a Sepia wash, also applied to the cloak, the Chainmail again for a highlight.  I also picked out some screws and rivets with the silver.  When I do the base I'll take a look at the copper to see if it could use a highlight, but the weathered, dirty look suits the Butcher, who strikes me as someone not so concerned with making his gear look pretty.

Full disclosure: this paint job is as much to get the mini done as to make it look wonderful.  I started with high aspirations when I did the face, but my steam has diminished somewhat since starting and considering the mountain of plastic and pewter awaiting paint it seemed prudent to get the model done first and worry about how pretty it is second.  That said I'm still pleased with the results.  Orsus has a Terminatoresque "heraldry shield" which hasn't been touched beyond the basic green that I'd like to do something more to, but I'm not sure what.  My first thoughts were to put the Khadoran anvil on it, or perhaps a 5th Border Legion badge, but it's in a tricky to reach spot and I may just leave it as-is.  Now to figure out snow basing...

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