Monday, January 28, 2013

I Should Really Post More

My posting volume has gone way down lately.  To remedy this, at least in part, here's a list of stuff (other than posting) that I've been up to lately:

  • Got a bad start on painting some Axis Soldier 3 units.   More on this later when they're painted up.
  • Officially wrapped up the escalation/intro Dust league at Huzzah.  My spoils for victory?  The Axis heroes box.
  • Won the first Dust tournament, also at Huzzah, with another epic showdown for supremacy with EV.  This match was better than our last, but still not entirely satisfying.  I haven't figured out what the spoils for this victory will be just yet, but I'm leaning towards the Axis heavy walker or waiting until the new zombies start coming out.
  • Finally read the Dreadball book.  As a follow up, I opened one sack of components and started cleaning some models.  Dust has spoiled me with their already assembled and primed offerings.  The plan now is to paint them Right, taking time and doing details.  All the stuff I've gotten away from recently.  The problem there is that if I want to pimp the game around to draw in suckers players then I need to have a set ready to go, but if I paint them Right then they won't be ready to go until sometime in Q4 2015. 
  • Collected the Gargossal I won in the Journeyman league last year.  I went with the Conquest.  Construction has yet to begin.
  • Played a game of X-Wing with EV.  My spatial reasoning/anticipation leaves a lot to be desired.  
  • The big culprit has been books.  Over the last month or so I've read the 10 Black Company books (all in a row, which is unusual for me) along with the final Wheel of Time book.  I've been knee deep in WoT for better than half my life and it's beyond odd to know that the series is wrapped up.
  • I've stepped up to and backed (slightly) away from the Dark Angels cliff.  I got a lot of gaming gift certificates for Christmas and have been pondering using them, at least in part, on some DAs.  I still want to do a Terminator army and hope that Deathwing might do it more to my taste than Grey Knights, and I've wanted to do a biker heavy army for a while so why not do them both at once?  There are a couple problems with this idea, but I'll stick to two for now.  First is that I haven't actually played 40k in a while.  EV and I have pivoted to Dust of late and I don't know that I want to wade into looking for 40k games at a store.  Second is, unsurprisingly, money.  Since I don't have the 6th edition book yet I'd be looking at ~$140 between the starter box and the DA codex.  That's a higher hurdle than I want to jump to scratch a collecting/painting itch, especially considering how much my painting output has dropped.  I got burned by GKs not being what I wanted them to be, so I'll try the longer approach to DAs.  That said, the 6th edition box is still on the short list.
  • Hockey also returned after a long absence.
 Why not add on some goals for this year while I'm at it?  On the painting front I want to do all the Axis, Conquest, a Dreadball team or three, all the Khador infantry, all the Legion beasts, and at least some of the remaining bits of both those factions.  Construction-wise I want to get the Stormraven together in particular and assemble all the stuff that's been hiding in boxes for far too long.  And get back to posting more as well.  Can't hurt to aim high, right?


  1. Good luck with your goals. If you want to give 40k a try again in a limited sense, I'd be up for a game or two. I've played 5 games so far since the release last year, with mixed results, but I have to many armies kicking around in various states not to be interested in game now and then.

    1. I'm pretty happy with 40k as a hobby first, a huge set of fluff second, and a game somewhere around fourth or fifth. Getting in the odd game here and there is enough for me, so I'd rather spend any time gaming at a store on a system I'm more invested in (WM/H or Dust at the moment). That said, if I get the itch for more grimdark I'll look you up.