Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm Still Not Dead

With all the rest gone, my new reason to watch TV.
I blame my complete lack of painting over the past month or two for the similar lack of blog content.  Fingers are crossed that the trend reverses in the near future.  For now some more sister kissing in the form of bullet points.
  • New projects on the horizon because I don't have enough on my plate as it is.  First up is IKRPG minis.  I have a reasonably ambitious plan that involves (currently) four models for a single character.  Some bits are still en route, and I need to do some scuplting/converting on most of them, but one is ready for priming.  While I won't get any actual work in on it before tomorrow night's session I'll be able to start chipping away afterwards, and with any luck I'll have the first one finished (or well begun) by the time the bits for the rest arrive.
  • New project number two is the return of 40k.  EV surprised me a few days ago by saying he'd be picking up Dark Vengeance soon.  This means that an expansion into Dark Angels is back on the table.  EV ran some numbers through Army Builder for me and it looks like two DVs worth of troops, plus am odd squad or two of marines that any GW enthusiast is likely to have lying around, will yield a decent sized army.  Even better, said army doesn't sound horrible on paper.  I'll be putting some or all of my remaining Christmas bounty into DV and a DA codex, plus whatever other odds and ends catch my eye.  I've already started (literally) dusting off some of the extra tactical marines from AoBR and imagining how they'll look in dark green.
  • My winnings from Huzzah's first Dust tournament got reinvested in the form of Laser Grenadiers and another box of spotters/snipers.  I tried out the new stuff (except the second squad of spotters) last week.  I like three sets of snipers.  The lasers...maybe they'll work better when I build a list they fit into better.  
Big news on the Dust front, enough to warrant a non-bullet finish.  There will be three (3) regional tournaments within driving distance of the DMV.  First up is at Huzzah on April 6th, then the next week at Games and Stuff on the 14th, and finally out in West Virginia on May 26th.   Details are still sparse, plus Huzzah and GNS should both have moved/expanded between now and then, but it's great news that there are so many events in my "local" area.  Looks like hockey won't be interfering either.  While I'm not familiar with Your Hobby Place, the WV venue, it doesn't look to be much further out than GNS, plus they mention the game that got left behind (Uncharted Seas) on their site.

Next time: hobby progress.  I hope.

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