Friday, March 29, 2013

More Deathwing, Upcoming Release

Armor finished, which is most of the model.
Work continues on my Deathwing tester.  As is usual in these cases, I spent way too much time on highlighting my initial model.  Will I carry this through to future models, or will my standards relax over time?  We'll all find out together.  Following my other pattern I think I went too subtle on shading and highlighting, but maybe less so than usual.  There's clear definition between the majority of plates and all the time spent on clean and even base coats yields better returns as more of it remains exposed.  One day I'll find something to try out the over the top cartoony style of black recess and white highlights.  I'd like to get this one finished today, but more realistically if I can get the greens done then I'll call it a success.  I might also try out the recent influx of greens on the regular Dark Angel tester.  For now I'm resisting the call of the Ravenwing.  One project at a time.  (HA!)

In other news I hope to have a copy of the new Dust Warfare expansion in my hands later today.  The new Axis models have been out for a while, but with no rules for them I haven't had any idea which, if any, of them I'll want.  At the top of the list are planes.  My local meta doesn't really do helicopters, but after one particularly gruesome game against one I'm a convert to the power of flight.  The plan is to hit Huzzah if/when books come in, see if the planes are worthwhile, then (perhaps) get the pair that have been taunting me from the shelf for many weeks.  Normally I'd make a large purchase like this through online channels as the discounts are too deep to ignore, but with the regional tournaments starting next weekend I'm not sure they'd arrive in time.  My biggest fear about Icarus is that it will be a game changer, much like Hades was, and that I'll run into some early adopters posing questions that I have no answers for, hence my desire to beat them to the punch.  Regardless of how things pan out it should be nice to have some new toys to play with.

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