Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another Wave of Reinforcements

Chipping away at the pile.
Got my paint on yesterday with an eye towards having a fully painted tournament list for this weekend.  I'm still not sure what I'll be fielding, but since most of my stuff is painted at this point I think I'll be able to plug any gaps that appear.  This particular batch finished off the (first) Horten (got another for $23 on Amazon yesterday while looking to fill out a free shipping order), one Wotan, arms for a Luther, Recon grenadiers, the last Battle grenadiers squad, and Lara.  With the exception of a Hans and the other pair of Wotan guns (but not shields), all my walkers are either "finished" or have had their initial wave of spray can painting, which makes them all but finished.  There's still a set of spotters and snipers to do, plus any infantry with a laser and all the non-Lara heroes, but at this point everything that I'm likely to field is painted (or close enough as previously detailed for the walkers).  This afternoon will see a massive cloud of varnish rise over the DMV as I seal up a bunch of stuff, then there will be basing.  I'd pay a reasonable amount to see a movie where Daniel Day Lewis rants away while gluing sand and drybrushing...

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