Sunday, June 23, 2013

So Soon? More Painting

The big hammer makes pics awkward.
Break out the rose-tinted glasses for a minute.  Remember those halcyon days gone by (Friday) when I waxed lyrical about finishing one project (ETL) before starting another one (Journeyman)?  Those were good days.  Or day.  Ah, memories.

I was full to the brim with good intentions today.  Bolter casings and purity seals, that was the plan.  Of course when I sat down to get started things didn't work out that way.  I blame the weather mostly.  It was raining this morning so I figured the Nats' game this afternoon would at least be delayed, but when I sat down to paint the rain had stopped and the sun was playing peek-a-boo with some clouds.  I didn't want to get halfway through the squad and then stop for baseball, so instead I grabbed (yet another) Sorscha and figured I'd lay down some base coats.  One thing led to another and I almost finished my first Khadoran Ice Princess.  With the big red cloak I had to tweak the usual 5th Border Legion scheme which would usually call for red on the boot armor, loin cloth, bracers, and maybe some other bits as well.  There's already a ton of red though, so I scaled it back a bit.  Another half hour or so would have seen her finished, but alas dinner was bearing down on me like a large thing that moves fast so Sorscha will just have to wait.  Since Sorscha, albeit a different one, was the first Warmachine model I (started) painting when I got into the game a couple years ago I think she'll be fine with waiting another day or two to finally have a completed version.

You can tell it's new juice because you can see minis.
In other news I swapped out the old, used up Simple Green in my stripping bucket for new, actually green Simple Green so I could get to stripping.  When one of my local players (Ron) made the poor decision to abandon the Motherland I rescued his unit of IFP.  While his Khador scheme was plenty striking (hard to go wrong with the black + white + other color combo) it doesn't fit my own.  After only a couple weeks of procrastinating I dumped the unit in the drink and kicked back to let the magic happen.  I don't frequent the second hand miniature market because I don't like stripping in particular and dealing with what other people subject their models to in general, but this unit had fixed the bendy pike problem with brass rods which is something I wanted to do even less than stripping.  IFP have been at the top of my list of Khadoran reinforcements for quite a while since they're a small based infantry unit that doesn't rely on high DEF to survive, unlike the two other options I currently have in WGI and Kayazy.  They also give me a good excuse to get the new Iron Fang solo...

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