Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Something a Little Different

Ready to burninate the countryside.
To celebrate finishing off my first Dark Angels squad, and to cross an item off my to-do list that had been there far too long, I dug into an IKRPG miniature.  I have grand plans for a whole suite of minis, but one must be first, so I began with the only mini out of the bunch that required no converting.  (More are theoretically in the works, but conversion has yet to begin despite having bits in hand for a while now.) 

I indulged in a number of old and new favorites here, mostly the new dark red and a BA purity seal sort of bright green.  Since my character is (partly) Khadoran it seemed appropriate to paint her in the same manner as my WM Khador, namely red and green.  There are, as always, little complaints.  The hair is a bit too light, more grey than black.  The lacing up the front of the dress could be crisper.  The left eye is a bit wonky.  I wonder if I went too far down the limited color palette road.  How many models can I really do in red and green?  I wanted to do an illuminated letter in the book, but went with just Micron squiggles.  The cobblestones have more shading differences.

Leftover from the last post.
Despite these (relatively minor) complaints, I'm pleased with how she turned out.  When I dotted the right eye my initial thought was "Another googly-eyed simpleton," but after a brief moment of consideration I changed my mind.  She's slightly wide-eyed, as if processing some stunning revelation in the book she's reading, which is very appropriate for the character.  I ran with this idea when doing the eyebrows (which I nearly forgot,) adding a little more arch than I might have otherwise.  Not that I've ever painted an eyebrow before.  I'll add some of the ancient green flock to the base as moss, add another coat of gloss, top it off with some Dullcote, then call it finished and contemplate the next iteration.

In other news, I played in my first Warmachine tournament(s) in quite a while this weekend.  I got hammered pretty bad in both (it was something akin to a double-header), but I had a great time in the process and was reminded of how much I enjoy tournaments.  There hasn't been a lot of Warmahordes lately for a variety of reasons.  When I've made it out to the FLGS on Thursdays I've gone just to hang out mostly, though I did get a game and a half in last week, which has been fine.  Anyone reading this is likely to know the difference between a casual regular game night and a tournament, so I won't dwell on it here.  The important thing is that playing on the clock in games that "matter" put a bit of a charge back in my Warmahordes batteries.  With this year's Journeyman getting ready to start the timing couldn't have been better. 

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