Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Third Time is the Charm

Ready to drop some ice bombs.
I've started painting more Sorschas than any reasonable person should.  Now I can finally strike that far too outstanding item from my painting list.  Some of the fine detail didn't come out too hot, though I'll lay at least part of that on the sculpt (the plastic version from the starter box), and Sorscha came out a bit googly eyed, but I'm pleased with the results overall and more so when considering the modest amount of time invested.  I split time with painting styles this time.  The armor is much like what I've been doing with my Dark Angels, which is to say mostly edge highlights.  The cloak is pure layering and came out particularly well.  Edge highlighting is, of course, just a (limited) type of layering, so the following notion is a bit silly, but it's nice to have different approaches for different textures.  Armor has lots of sharp lines, so the starker edge highlighting works, whereas the cloak is all one flowing piece with no edges to brighten but plenty of ripples to layer up.  Options are nice.

In other news, the IFP are well down the stripping path.  The Simple Green took the vast majority of the paint off quite easily.  Now I'm gearing up for a second bath, this time with acetone as suggested by my local PG.  My original plan was to leave the IFP assembled and simply strip the paint, but a number of them collapsed in the Simple Green and more followed suit while brushing the paint off, so now there's no good reason not to go all the way with it.

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