Friday, August 2, 2013

Journeyman Painting Log 11

My MoW unit collection is now complete.  
My most recent painting success, the Demo Corps, were a rude awakening.  Speedy success with solos/pairs gave me a false sense of security.  After a marathon session today to finish the Demo Corps my illusions have been shattered.  I had expected to get this unit done quickly since they're mostly green armor, but I was unwilling to skip large amounts of detail this time around and my lap times suffered as a result.  To be fair this was a medium based unit, as opposed to a handful of small base solos, and I did the vast majority of the work in a single day.  Cranking out this many large(ish) models in that time frame is still a fine result, and the Demo Corps look better than the Eliminators.  I wanted to do a blend/glow thing on the ice mauls but had run out of steam well before I got to them so they just got the electric blue treatment for now.  Resizing this pic also showed me that I forgot the rivets on the gloves.  I took three shots of the group, which is the standard approach, but none of them showed the face inside the leader's helmet.  I kinda like the headless horseman vibe in the picture though.

Coming soon. 
I'm running out of units to paint, which is a nice problem to have.  The Great Bears are the biggest targets remaining, at least as far as units go.  There's an eSorscha ready to go, plus what I already have on the painting table, and some others that need a bit here and there (Drakhun, Saxon Orrick, Mortar, Drago), but the end is definitely in sight.  I've been making advances on the IFP, which will be Black Dragons.  The deciding factor between regular and BD came down to role.  I want the IFP as zone holders/tar pit/high(ish) ARM mans more than I want a bump in mobility, so I went with the new flavor.  It helps that Black Dragons have Precision Strike and Fearless, so they'll play nice with my Doomies and can pick out high-priority targets like arc nodes, shields, and spirit branches.  Further down the chain there's a unit of Uhlans waiting for attention, eIrusk and his massive flag, Vlad3 and his pony, a clamjack kit I got this week (which I'll probably just glue together as a Spriggan since that jack will likely see the most use of any jack in the faction), and there's always Conquest tucked away in its box.  Sitting.  Waiting.  Judging.

Beyond that is...nothing.  I think that's the end of what I have for Khador.  The end is truly in sight.  At least until I add Greylord Outriders, or Karchev, or Alexia, or Boomhowlers, or TAC, or Behemoth...

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