Sunday, August 11, 2013

Journeyman Painting Log 13

These slackers can finally get to work.  
Hot on the heels of yesterday's painting triumph comes an even bigger victory today.  Both the Mechanics and the Drakhun were already under way when I sat down to paint today, but the whole point of laying a foundation for future success is reaping that reward when the time comes.  The Mechanics were close to finished yesterday, so it didn't take much pushing to get them done.  This unit is particularly satisfying since they've only been a full unit for about a week.  When I got them way back when I only got four bases in the blister, so whenever I ran the full unit I would use some of my extra Sorschas as stand-ins because I never got around to digging out my extra bases.  When I pulled all the unpainted stuff out of my bag last week I rode that wave of good feelings straight to my modelling bag and got the other two based and ready to go.  Now the whole unit is together, painted, and with any luck will be varnished in time to make it to the table for the Journeyman league.

I've missed this big guy.
The Drakhun had been a bit of a problem until today.  I've been wanting to paint the model since I got it (who doesn't love a Man-o-War on a gigantic armored horse?), but when I put the brushes to it I couldn't quite hit a good groove.  This is a problem I've always had with cavalry (remember Annyssa?).  It seems easy enough to just paint a dude and a horse, but somehow the combination is more daunting than the parts would suggest.  Since I'm staring down a unit of Uhlans, Markov, and Vlad3 (not to mention future Outriders, Fenris, Raptors, and all the cavalry that comes with an Empire army) this is particularly troubling as it could be a major headache when I really start to fill the stables.  I managed to hit my stride today and finish this one off, though now I'm not so happy with color placement or the pictures I took.  It's all painted though, which is what counts, and now I can have the pony man on the table again Counter-Charging his little heart out.

With just a week left in the Journeyman I don't know how much more I'll be able to finish.  I have eButcher more than half done, but that's a little misleading as his base is detailed enough to count as another model on its own.  There's also eEryiss, who's still limping along, and I put some green on eSorscha yesterday.  There's some more primed and ready to go: Beast 09, Drago, the Great Bears, the Drakhun dismount, and the mortar (but not the spotter).  After that it gets slimmer.  There's the spear and shield squad from Friday waiting for priming, but beyond them there's nothing close to ready.  Realistically I can probably crank out a jack or the Great Bears quick enough to field them, and reap their points for the Journeyman, and maybe eEryiss, but that's probably it.  Since games are Wednesday and Thursday my usual prime painting days (Friday and Sunday) will be too late to count, though hopefully that doesn't stop me from pressing on towards completion.

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