Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The new between classes list

The new list looks an awful lot like the old list.  I'm abandoning the ID spreadsheet because tech7 already created a whole program to build fleets with that trumps any crappy spreadsheet I would produce.  I probably mentioned that I finished book 12 of Wheel of Time the other day, so that's the first item crossed off the list before I even write the list.  Speaking of lists, here it is.

ID battleship
ID cruisers
Assemble and prime all languishing WM minis
other Khador

WM: Escalation
White Noise
The Maya

Renew Driver's License
Clear the DVR

The dwarves get top priority mostly because I want them ready for the 1200 point showdown next week, but also because I feel guilty for having neglected them lately.  I have the battleship and 3 cruisers that aren't painted, so I want to get those done.  Half of those are primed, while the other half are only primed on the bottom, but I'll finish priming them tonight and hopefully get some paint on them tomorrow.  Renewing my license should come before the ID, and probably will, but I'm looking at doing that on Thursday, so it's a bit below.  Other notables are wanting to finish Escalation, which I borrowed from EV months ago, finishing the IH for the New Fleet Challenge, and getting at least pSorsch and the Manhuntress finished.  As bad as I feel about the dwarves, I feel worse about my Khador stuff.  Granted I've been playing much more US than WM of late, but it's still sad.  I've finished exactly 2 models, a WG mortar team, and that needs to change.  Classes start back up on the 30th, so the clock ticks already.

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