Monday, August 2, 2010

Quick hit as a tiding-over

Being in the midst of the final week of my second summer class, time for gaming (and blogging about gaming) is a rare commodity.  I'll get caught up once class is over, but in the meantime I wanted to put a teeny something up since it's been a while since last time and it'll be a while 'til next time.  The result of this desire?  A little list of 5 things that happened over the weekend.

1 - I finally went to a Sonic.  Twice in fact.

2 - I spent roughly two hours going about 35 miles on an interstate.
3 - I finally laid hands on Strakov, and my Winter Guard Deathstar is now at full power.
4 - I "won" the "tournament" down in Fredericksburg.
5 - I got a second ID battleship which "finishes" my ID fleet. 

A full recap of what all went down is on the way, but now at least whistles have been wetted.

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