Friday, August 27, 2010

News from the ashes

Looks like my eyes were bigger than my mouth here.  I burned out pretty good these past couple weeks, haven't touched a die or a paintbrush since my last post.  I think the biggest part of it was the mega battle report, but I'd been on a gaming rampage for a while.  It'd be dishonest to say that Starcraft 2 had nothing to do with this, but it's not the root of the thing.  Since classes start back up on Monday, this is effectively the end of my break, and so a (depressing) list update is in order.

ID battleship
ID cruisers
Assemble and prime all languishing WM minis
other Khador

WM: Escalation
White Noise
The Maya

Renew Driver's License
Clear the DVR

As you can see, absolutely no painting.  I have read a chunk of Escalation, but it's a tough slog through scenario after scenario.  While there is a narrative to pick out of it, reading through a campaign that I won't play is not the most exciting thing ever.  I also started reading Horus Rising, which is a poorly written book, but it does scratch that Space Marine itch that I've never been able to get rid of.

I'm going to break out the paints in a few minutes and see if I can't finish the frigate I started.  With a fuller than usual class load, gaming time will be slim at best, as will updates.  Hopefully not having time to paint will recharge the batteries and make me eager to get back at it again.


  1. I feel you there, have you made any progress since this post, or has school drug you down some more? school for me(only ended 8 months ago mind you) would always sap my motivation in weird ways. I would only read books, only watch zombie movies, only watch collegehumor videos, only lurk forums, it went in weird cycles. Well, hopefully at least school isn't sucking for you. Peace.

  2. I did end up "working" on the frigate after I posted, but I made a big mess of things and stopped pretty quick. As you say, things go in cycles and it looks like I'm in a fluff cycle instead of painting or gaming. Funny you mention zombies as one of my classes is about them. I expect it to be amazing. Things haven't stopped entirely on the gaming side, but they have slowed to a crawl and will probably maintain that pace until January. The itch is returning though, albeit in a different form, so there might be some new stuff in the future.

  3. Is it a class about the mythos surrounding zombies and the weird fascination/horror people have with 'living dead?' Color me intrigued.