Sunday, October 2, 2011

Agendaless posting is a danerous thing

Real life Widowmakers.
Negligible hobby activity over the past few days makes me antsy to post for some reason, so here we are.  How about a nice list?
  • UPS tells me the Deluge will arrive on Wednesday, which is the same day the two player starter box is set to release.  Said box is part of my order.  Half props to the Warstore for bringing the war to my door the day it's released.  The other half of the props will be issued when the package actually arrives.
  • I'm torn on where to start when the flood hits.  Men-o-War have been calling to me since I first looked into Warmachine, so finally having them in my hands will be the culmination of roughly 18 months of yearning.  But recently Black Ivan has been proving his worth and I'd love to stop proxying him as soon as possible.  Assembling a jack would be a new experience, as would painting one to completion.  Choices, I am awash in them.
I'm skeptical.  Bear cav is pretty fearsome.
  • If the weather ever breaks I'll be varnishing up Orsus so he can take the field while properly screened behind medium based infantry.  I've looked at the numbers on Iron Fleshed Shocktroopers.  They make me happy in the pants.
  • If I were the kind of person that cosplays, I'd probably do the Butcher.  It'd pain me to shave properly instead of half-assing it with my beard trimmer, but some sacrifices must be made.
  • In non-PP news, I might know someone who might work at a place where people might come in to buy things.  One of those people might work at a local store of a company that may (or may not) produce games that rhyme with Goreslammer, Goreslammer Wartyhousesand, and Fjord of the Frings.  When describing a game that could rhyme with Breadmeat, this person may have said something along the lines of "That game is going to break my balls."  With a price tag in excess of $114 I can see how that might fracture the testicles of the workers who may labor under sales quotas.  Or so I hear.
  • I do rather like the sea mat that comes with the box, but I already made one for myself (plus I have one that EV made as well) and the price tag was well under $114 dollars.  The models are nice enough, but you don't get many of them for your dollars. I guess a two week blitz on your company blog pimping your brand new, limited-time-only game doesn't pay for itself.
I have no idea what's going on here.
  • Gears of War 3 came out this week.  The first few forays into multiplayer were a rude reawakening.  After feeling pretty good about my skills in Space Marine, getting killed within ~15 seconds of spawning every single time was like returning to the house where you grew up with an abusive "Uncle."  The latest installment of Gears will be a good litmus test of how much NGF has been corrupted indoctrinated made curious about 40k.
  • Speaking of Space Marine, the Lascannon has a double zoom.  Using that double zoom made my appreciation of the weapon go from "It's nice" to "Replace the Heavy Bolter in my default Devastator loadout."


  1. Build stupid Black Ivan. I command thee. I want to smash that thing into spare parts ASAP.

    Also, it's a single model, so it's easier to not get overloaded looking at him. After that, go whole hog into a unit, like the Man O' War. I'd suggest finishing those Doom Reavers before doing anything beyond assembling Ivan (and the MOW if you intend to field them).

    A piece of advice, if wanted- keem all the Protectorate stuff boxed up and unassembled until you're happy with your Khador progress. More built, wanting for attention miniatures sitting there staring at you won't make your efforts move along any easier. Don't overload yourself, whatever you end up doing. It's good to see you've got your workbench cleared off and down to just the Doom Reavers. I'm doing the same thing these days.

  2. Turns out Paint the Target for this month is something SPD 6 or greater. The Doomies fit that bill admirably, so they're going into the queue. Building things is rarely a problem, plus I feel bad about proxying for the past month and change, so don't worry about Black Ivan. He'll be appearing at a table near you soon.

    Re: Menoth, I'm split on them. If Trollbloods are designated as my "Take plenty of time and do them as well as they can be done" faction, then I'm inclined to make Menoth the "Make them look as nice as possible while cranking them out with a quickness" faction. It's mostly the scheme that appeals to me, the templaresque red cross on white background. Considering that I'll probably want to add a few pieces in before they see the table, not to mention I'm not sure where I'll store the buggers, the Menites may well be waiting for their turn at glory. Then again I may get struck by a bit of zealotry and churn them out in a short (for me) period.