Monday, October 31, 2011

I blame EV for this one

Cast-iron bitch to assemble.
With EV's birthday coming up in the near future, I went out to do something about it.  I had a few ideas (Wrath, Black 13th, Bane Thrall UA, Primal mk. 2) and took a tour of the game stores in the area to see what I could find.  Good news is I found stuff.  Bad news is the stuff is for me.  Good news is I have a Warstore order in to remedy this situation.  Bad news is there's more stuff for me in said order.  This flies in the face of my resolution to not add to the pile of unpainted/unassembled models until I've taken a significant chunk out of what I have on hand, but I can't very well go to a game store and leave empty handed, can I?  We all have to do our parts to support local game stores so that we can still have local game stores.  It was for America.  Yeah, that's the ticket...

Doesn't show up so well, but there's lots of green stuff.
All of this is a roundabout introduction to eEiryss here, who I put together last night.  Recent success in pinning pMordrak made me overconfident in my abilities, so I jumped into the hooker with abandon.  She was...difficult.  I pinned every piece (two arms, one leg, two halves of the chimney/statue thing) and they all sucked.  In a surprise move, the chimney was the worst part.  The two halves didn't fit together flush and required large amounts of green stuff.  To use scientific measurements, whenever I use green stuff I always end up with about twice as much as I need.  This time I had to cut a second stripe off the ribbon because I still had gaps to plug.  That aside, the model went together well enough and I'm pleased with the results.  The arms were especially fiddly, but I took it nice and slow with the drilling and everything matched up with little work.  Later tonight I think I'll go back over the gargoyle's neck, where I put the pin, and try and shave the putty down some to make it nice and smooth.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the base.  Being perched on a chimney/buttress/statue thing means you're not especially close to the ground, so the usual dirt-and-grass-or-snow approach isn't going to work.  The current plan is to ballast the base as usual but just paint it black.  We'll see how it goes.  In the meantime I'm savoring the idea of removing upkeeps and basking in the glory of what is easily my most ambitious pinning/green stuffing project to date.  The Troll beasts are still a bit intimidating, but so was the elf before I got to work on her, so perhaps I'll just dive into a beast and see how it goes.

Battle report is going slow and I'm not sure why.  I had the whole thing outlined and roughed in, writing-wise, on the trip home from EV's (which is all of 5 minutes if traffic isn't horrible), yet I haven't gotten much past terrain setup yet.  The modelling bug has hit, as you can tell, and I'm inclined to ride that wave while it's rolling in.  I hope to get back to the report today, but I've been hoping to do that since Thursday.

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