Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pre-battle quickness

Getting closer.
Got a bit of painting in yesterday.  It's funny how my intention was to run the Doomies through the Paint-o-tron as quick as possible (while not having them look like crap) so I could get them back on the table with as little delay as possible.  Turns out that, like most of my painting projects, the Doomies have been on the painting table for about two weeks and have had a grand total of two sessions put in, totaling perhaps four hours.  This is not a recipe for a quick finish.  To compound matters, this week is not looking good for painting sessions.  The silver lining there is that it'll probably on be another two, maybe three sessions before the squad is finished.  Of course that doesn't factor in varnishing which is a matter largely out of my control, but the models have to be finished before they can be sealed.

This one gives a better idea of the group.
The usual Thursday gaming has been moved to today, so last night I was doodling around with lists.  I was working up a pButcher list and had an odd thing happen.  Starting with a basic idea, I put all the components of that idea into the list and looked to see how many points I was over.  Turns out I had room to spare.  This didn't make any sense to me until I realized I had an "extra" eight points available because the Doomies weren't available and thus I built a concept around not having them.

The above concept is one that will probably never see the table for two reasons: it includes a pair of Berserkers, of which I have none, and it has three jacks.  Despite what I understand to be PP's efforts to make jacks more appealing, infantry is where it's at in Warmachine.  My eight point Doomie unit (with UA, why would I not take it?) is going to wreck an eight point Kodiak every day of the week, and probably have enough members left to take out another Kodiak as well.  If there are multiple jacks standing close together then it gets even worse.  This isn't just the Doomies, but most infantry.  Much as I love jacks, I've started bringing less in a list because a simple unit of MechThralls will wreck a jack without much effort.  This seems wrong.  The answer to this problem is probably Karchev, but that will require quite an investment to get going.  In the meantime I can dream about a jack-heavy pButcher list.

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