Monday, October 24, 2011

How did I not title this post when I posted it?

Group shot looks better than the individual for once.
My painting mojo was in full swing this morning, right up until I had to stop.  I'm a painting nomad in that my paints are rarely at home, and when they are it's because I'm in transit to another painting locale.  This is by design and has worked well right up until today.  A new furnace was installed here last week, and today there's a follow-up visit to fix up some of the loose ends.  Someone has to be here to let the guy in, and that someone is me.  This isn't a problem, nor a surprise, but it did cause some unexpected problems today.  As you can see, I got some good progress in on the Doomies.  They'd probably be finished today if I hadn't had to break off early to wait for the furnace guy.  I got the greens and reds done, plus (most of) the bandages on the limbs.  I was having a good old time on the reds when my hurry-home-so-I-can-wait timer went off, so the front rank of the above picture got the TLC highlight treatment, while the back rank got a much quicker pass.  I have a bad feeling that when I get back to the models and compare the two batches there won't be much difference.  The good news hidden in there is that I was reminded that I'm trying to strike a balance between detailed painting and getting things done quickly.  The other silver lining is that, barring a catastrophe, I should have them finished next time I sit down, which is hopefully tomorrow.  If I can manage all that, I might even have them available for Thursday.  I have missed my bloody, crazy Doomie safety blanket these past few weeks.

Looks like I focused on the bottom.
Because I have another picture, you get another paragraph to nest it in.  Modelling with NGF didn't go quite as intended over the weekend.  Turns out he wants something already finished, which really isn't a surprise.  That's not going to happen of course, and I have a plan in place for Wednesday.  The original plan was to have NGF dive in to a fresh box himself, but it looks like I'll have to do a little prodding, so the new plan is that I'll start to slowly assemble a marine and stick NGF with a hobby knife until he gets the idea.  Once he gets rolling things should fall into place.  Overcoming his natural inertia is the key.

More space eh?  Perhaps a meditation on the Reaver's skirts.  They'll be the olive drab sort of green like the rest of the army, but in the course of painting them I'm thinking they aren't any sort of fabric at all, but rather skin stitched together.  This doesn't change my painting approach, but it does add a bit of character to the models.  I'm still pondering my approach to the heads, but I can save them for last.  The list of things to finish is as such: skirts, hair, heads, random metal bits, bases, the bit of bandaging I missed on the leader.  Not much at all.

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