Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Bold New Direction

Ternion?  Done.
The (no longer) current batch of painting has been finished for approximately 32 hours (from when I started writing this post).  "What took so long?" I hear you thinking (because I'm telepathic, it's how I win at cards), "You're normally prompt with the postings."  First off, thanks for noticing.  I try to keep on top of things like that.  Second, I had a little adventure.

In making new pictures.

I see these fancy-dan photo collages around the internets, with their multiple angles and close-up shots of faces and details.  On occasion I think "I should give that a shot one day."  Turns out one day is today.  I'm baby-stepping though, so "multiple" means two, and close-ups are not yet implemented.  Despite those shortcomings, the future is now.

Escort?  Finished.
As you can see, I ended up going with the yellow fringes for the auxiliary cloaks.  I'm still not thrilled about introducing a new color, but as I (think I) said before these models are meant to stand out from the pack.  Because I was painting the bases as I finished up the models (to maximize drying time), I used the same yellow on the fringes that I use on the bases: Vallejo Model Color 913 Yellow Ochre.  My rationale for switching from Vallejo Model Colors to Vallejo Game Colors is pretty mundane, plus I've talked about it before, so no deep discussions here.  I use said Yellow Ochre on the bases mostly so the paint doesn't just collect dust, but there's nothing really wrong with it.  After a Gryphonne Sepia wash, which isn't nearly as effective on colors as I want it to be despite working just fine over white, I called it done.

Koldun Lord?  Completed.
iBodger says that with this latest batch I'm ~47% on my march towards having all my Khador painted, which makes me quite happy.  On a whim I tried putting together a list of fully painted models.  While possible, I was two models shy of a really viable list.  What models?  What list?  Perhaps they will appear in a future installment.  In the meantime I'm hoping the weather breaks a bit in the next few days so I can get the new additions sealed up.  We had our first noticeable snowfall in the DMV last night, pitiful as it was, so hopefully the inevitable warming and melting period that will occur soon won't flood the air with humidity.

Valachev?  Accomplished.
Paint the Target goal pending, the next batch looks to be a diverse bunch.  Along with the pair of mystery models, I want to get to work on Legion schemes.  I've admired an orange and grey/black scheme over at Live to CRUSH, where they recently posted the first part of a tutorial for said scheme, but considering my local PG is also eying the same scheme it's back to the drawing board. This is a blessing in disguise though beacuse I would have felt more than a little lazy just following a step-by-step guide, plus the scheme isn't quite exactly what I'm after.  In a way the Greylords were a test run for the forthcoming Legion as I want a (very) light blue skin with brown/orange chitin and armor.  The cloaks were the perfect opportunity to see how the new grey paints I got in looked and figure out which ones are blue and which are black.

As a parting teaser, I'm thinking about a new format for painting updates.


  1. Just when you thought you weren’t going to get into a deep discussion.....a pile of letters coalesce and form words. Words begin to flip and redeploy themselves creating sentences. Sentences gain banding and structure making paragraphs. Paragraphs begin to raise your eyebrows making you ask yourself deep questions. Questions so deep they will ring the core of your being like a bell in a silverbacks grasp. Yes, it’s time for the deep questions. Discussion will be generated. Prepare yourself for…

  2. Live to CRUSH!!!

    Thanks for the link out to our interwebs. If either of you ends up trying that scheme you should definitely post em up and let us know how it worked for you.

    This post reminded me about how those fancy collages and backgrounds are the new "thing", and I'm going to try some of that action myself soon too.

    Question: WHAUT... is your favourite colour?

    1. Always glad to spread the love, especially to a site with good content. The collages were real easy to do, even with the standard Paint (which has gotten a lot better in Windows 7).

      As for colors, blue.

      No, red!

      (insert appropriate sound/visual effects here)

  3. Mine most favouritiest favourite colour is Reaper master series paint HD Crimson Red. The consistency is perfect and every time I highlight it, it comes out dynamite. I also like camouflage green by a variety of makers.

    By collage are we talking about that combined front/back bizness going on in the jpegs? That is pretty classy, but I just thought there were two different models and they were squad mates. I suppose that's silly when you consider valachev...

    If the sepia isn't dark enough, mix in some mud (delven variety) and that should add some darkness. Chestnut ink by gw or Vallejo smoke watered down to taste (don't really taste it) or coffee will work too. I rinsed my brush off in my coffee mug this morning. I still drank it. It wasnt a metallic colour per se (flat aluminum). I cant stop using parenthesis. Drink coffee, make wash darker with ink, eat your green beans, brush your teeth, be nice to your sister. Thats pretty much everything.

    1. To be fair the top picture is of a squad, so some confusion is understandable.

      I'm still in the feeling-out stage with the Sepia. While I don't expect it to do much over a darker color, I thought I'd get something out of the yellow, but no luck. You have to use the right tool for the job, and I'm still determining what sort of tool Gryphonne Sepia is.

      Related note: I actually have an ancient pot of Chestnut Ink, sitting next to an even older pot of Flesh Wash. How neither one has dried up to the point of uselessness like most of my other old GW paints is beyond me, but I'm not one to question my good luck.

  4. whats up with all the redirecting and not using my wordpress account? i already typed a response twice then got stitches at the ER and now im back writing another one?

    anyway... dont be afraid to copy my scheme im ok with that... besides everything in life has already been done. Also try substituting a bright glowy purple instead of where i paint orange it will give you a pretty neat effect... would love to see these legion when finished... and keep up the great site... i will be posting the rest of the paint tut on wednesday followed by some swordsmen, saeryn and rhyas... finished... then i hope to do a quick tut on how i achieve my wing spots.. whichever scheme you go with i recommend doing this as it adds some dimension to the really large expanses of wings some of the beasts have...

    ok light headed due to loss of blood... later guys.

    1. Still getting used to the new Blogger commenting system myself. This is probably the fifth time I've meant to reply to a reply and instead replied to the post, then deleted that reply and re-replied to the reply I meant to reply to in the first place. Rerererererereererererere

      Blogger and Wordpress may not play nicely with each other, though I think there is some crossover. In retrospect I wish I'd gotten started on Wordpress as it seems like a more robust platform, but at this point I'm invested in Blogger and a switch wouldn't make sense.

      Having just read through the second half of the tutorial, I think I'll give it a shot, at least for the chitin/armor plates. I just posted about the pair of Shredders I'm testing schemes on, one of which hasn't had the chitin touched yet. It's a little late in the process to get the full orange effect on the rends in the skin, but it should work well on the chitin and also do something about the space between the spikes on the back which currently looks a bit ugly. Lots of options at this point, the real work is sorting them out.

      Definitely like the wing spots, they really tie the big membranes in with the rest of the minis. Considering my love affair with Seraphs, and my probable love for the Angelius when I get one, there'll be plenty of wings to account for. Also Absylonia and all those Forsaken.