Friday, January 20, 2012

Internet, I am disappointed in you

Very soon...
Let's start with the happy.  Some good progress was made on the Greylords yesterday.  After some close inspection I decided that the browns looked good after just the wash, but needed some contrast where multiple brown areas butted up against each other, mostly on the axe hafts.  That got fixed up nice and quick which made way for the biggest waste of time on this batch.  I decided to do the fringes in grey, but a darker grey than the cloaks.  A layer of black went down for a fresh start, which took forever, then up through a couple of greys.  The final result?  I shouldn't have even bothered as it doesn't look much different than when I started.  Live and learn I guess.  Gold and (some) silver followed to end on a high note.  There are plenty of rivets left to pick out along with fringes on the double cloaks. finishing the eyes, whatever details I missed, and bases, which sounds like a lot but I don't think will take too long.  I also want to run the bright blue into the designs on the weapons for the extra icy look.  With any luck the group will be finished today.

On the less happy side, I found out that my reading comprehension is pretty horrible.  While at the FLGS last night I learned that eSkarre's feat is much nastier than I thought (makes friendly models immune to attack or makes enemy models unable to attack instead of making models immune and unable at the same time), and followed that up with a double revelation about Slipstream.  First the Slipstreamed model has to be placed completely within 2" (I'd been playing it as just within 2"), which is unfortunate but not earth-shaking.  Then I found out that the Slipstreamed model isn't placed completely within 2" of where the Slipstreaming model finishes its movement, but instead completely within 2" of where the Slipstreamed model was when the Slipstreaming model passed it by, which actually did shake the earth.  These two revelations combined mean that the extra movement gained from Slipstream goes from a potential 10" (2" behind a Seraph when it starts to 1.99999" in front of said Seraph when it's done moving) to a flat 2".  This is quite the difference and means that a) I've been hosing EV pretty hard over the last couple of games, b) Legion is actually nowhere near as mobile as I thought, and c) a second/third Seraph moves somewhat down the list (though I still think it's an amazing beast.)  In retrospect the way I was playing Slipstream was way overpowered, on par with (or better than) feats like Strakhov and pVlad, which is out of line with its low cost of a single Fury.  In my defense, the wording on Slipstream is obtuse at best.  Upon hearing I was doing it wrong, I reread it a couple times without seeing what it was I was missing before I finally caught the subtle nuances of the language.  PP is generally good about making things clear, but this time not so much.  The biggest disappointment has been you, Internet.  You've been good about pointing out where I've done things wrong in the past, and while I haven't put up a ton of Legion battle reports (yet) there's enough of them up that someone should have caught it by now.

Shame, Internet, feel shame.

(Pay no attention to the fact that I should have figured out how Slipstream worked myself.)


  1. Actually, you should re-read Slipstream. It doesn't trigger until the Seraph ends it movement.

    1. If you mean the model that gets moved has to be within 2" of the Seraph when it ends its movement, I'm not sure I agree. If you mean the model doesn't get moved until after the Seraph moves, then I certainly agree. That said I've demonstrated my incomplete knowledge of Slipstream pretty well, so another re-reading won't hurt.

    2. Pretty sure that Slipstream works (mostly) like you originally thought. When the Seraph is done moving, you get to move the model to be completely within 2".

    3. I wish that were the case, but I don't think it is. As I said in the post, the wording on Slipstream is convoluted at best. Without having it in front of me, the key in the description is "affected model," or something very similar. The wording in the Forces book is a tiny bit clearer, but you still need a hint and/or a road map to figure it out.

      As a bit of corroboration, check out the Legion community FAQ, second question in the third post:

      I also trawled the rules forum a bit and found plenty of anecdotal evidence for support, but didn't find a thread where Slipstream is spelled out from beginning to end. After all this, plus reflection re: relative power levels, I'm satisfied that the end result is that Slipstream lets a model move 2" from said model's position when the Seraph (or warlock) ends their movement.

  2. I gotcha. Basically Slipstream moves the model two inches. I think you are right. There has to be a way to word it better. :D